Some Local News and Some Reminders….

funky-northern-line.pngThis is going to be a complete mish-mash of a post, and for that I apologise. But there is reasoning behind it – I have a very special post planned for post number 2-0-0 and it’s going to co-incide with LWAT’s 2nd birthday 13th July. Hooray! These kind of things make me very, dorkily happy. So, to celebrate Nathan and I are taking a child each and a branch of the Northern Line each, and racing from Euston to Kennington, using buses, buggies and the power of feet. Join the Facebook event for live updates, but also don’t be surprised if posts are a bit…sparing for the next few weeks.

IMG-20120819-00947In that spirit, let’s have a few more blog reminders before going on to the order of the day. First up, you still have a few more days to enter our exciting LolliBop competition for a family ticket to the best festival in town. In other news, we have a Q&A coming up with London Duck Tours and the London Eye as part of our summer holiday preview, so if you have questions for them please send them to me via the contact form below!


Onto the local news! Well, the new playground on Doorstep Green is finished and there will be an official opening event on 13th July 2-4pm. We visited yesterday, to have a quick recee. There’s a climbing frame, one daisy-swing, a slide and a sandpit. And some curious blue tree trunks:

DSC02955It’s small, but it’s ever so pretty. Not entirely sure what the superfluous bit of brickwork in the middle of the grassy bit is. Maybe something historical? Anyway, here are some more snaps:

DSC02944 DSC02946 DSC02950 DSC02952 DSC02954

In other playground news. St Mary’s Playground at Elephant is being redeveloped (again!) and Mr Katese11 got a photo of the plans. Looks like there will be water play and a zipwire – woo! But not till 2014 at the earliest – boo!

elephant parkIn other news, we visited Archbishop Justin (not Fletcher) at his house (not “Justin’s House”) on Saturday, for the Lambeth Palace fete and had a lovely time. Most of Roo’s nursery friends were there, so I may have given Nathan the impression that I know every 4-year-old in the SE11 area.  Here’s Roo doing the 3-legged race with his friend Helen:

lambefAnd this weekend is the annual Kennington fete in Cleaver Square (Sunday 7th July, 12-4pm). If the weather’s nice we may well skip church to be there. See you there?

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