A few things I forgot to mention


…about the Groupon competition. And today you get an excited-looking Eva instead of Roo and C. Maybe not so much excited, as stare-y….but it’s a nice photo anyway. Anyway, what didn’t I mention?

* You don’t need to have a toddler or live in London to enter the competition.  They have lots of deals for all over the country, so anyone can enter.

* I love some of your entries so much that I might pass the ideas (not the contact details) onto Groupon. I think they could use *some* of them. If you really don’t want me to, drop me a line using the contact form.

* I also love your entries so much that I couldn’t possibly choose the winner myself, so it will be done by random number generator. Maybe by Nathan. Definitely on Monday. As long as I remember.

* Sadly, that means that no attempts to flatter or bribe me will work.

* Having said that, I’m enjoying the bribery and flattery. Keep it coming.

2 days, 1 hour, 45 minutes left to enter…! The form is below, for your convenience!

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