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A Public Service Announcement

I know -I’m bursting out of my BlogMould and actually telling you useful and relevant information. Bear with me. Everyone and their wife knows that the top end of the Victoria Line is closed for 3 weeks this August, starting … Continue reading

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Tree Fu Tom Winners announced…and some LWAT news

Oh, it’s all going on around here. After a heady night of playing Carcassonne and eating crisps, I’m bringing you some exciting news…remember a while back, I blogged on TfL’s campaign that seemed to pit wheelchair users against buggies? Well, … Continue reading

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Why are TfL pitting parents against wheelchair users?

An argument on FaceBook yesterday made me realise – I have to wade into this whole “Buggy space vs Wheelchair space” debate thing. When it came on FaceBook, posted by someone who is neither a parent nor disabled, my first … Continue reading

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