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Pack Your Bags…There’s So Much to Do

Yeah, yeah this was clearly a case of “Picture first, blog title later” but it’s a lame lead in to a big old list of entirely un-lame things to do over the next few weeks. Which, you’ll be shocked to … Continue reading

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London, You Know the Drill

What happened yesterday was awful. Anything that hurts people in our city is awful. But you know what we have to do. We have to carry on with life as usual, just like we did on July 8th 2005 and … Continue reading

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More About SwingTrain

  Once again, this is not a sponsored post. I’m plugging SwingTrain from the goodness of my heart and the hope that enough people will sign up to keep my particular class viable. I’m not getting paid or any freebies, … Continue reading

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St Pancras Lock Open Weekend – 04/02/17

Some days are harder sells than others – when we were sitting in our friends’ flat in Hackney, watching the rain streak the windows the idea of an afternoon on the canalside wasn’t as appealing as it could have been. … Continue reading

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HipChips – 27/01/16

  Hipster food trends continue to flourish in London and if you don’t keep up, you could easily get left behind and as confused as Ellie was when I offered to take her out for crisps before our cinema trip. … Continue reading

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Need to Leave the House?

I know it’s difficult to imagine moving far off the sofa when it’s this dang cold but c’mon London, there is a world of opportunity out there. I’m snuggling right down tonight in the lurid reindeer onesie my choirsters gifted … Continue reading

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Women’s March on London – 21/01/17

Now, here’s a conundrum – I made a decision three hours ago to stop talking on the internet about the President we’ll refer to only as P45 (we can only hope)….for tonight at least. But I need to do some … Continue reading

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(Girls and) Boys Keep Swinging…

  No, not swinging in that sense. What’s wrong with you? Swing-dance-inspired fitness. Obviously. Get those minds out of the gutter. Let’s move on… It’s January 19th and so far I have been to two exercise classes this year. It’s … Continue reading

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Why I’m Marching on Saturday

Marching doesn’t come easily to me, especially in January. If there’s an opportunity to protest while sitting down and having a cup of coffee, I’ll generally take that option. But sometimes you have to make a stand. This Friday, the … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas….

  We’ve officially declared it Christmas season – the tree is up, the presents are ordered and I’m singing Christmas songs. Admittedly I’ve been doing that last one since August but for pragmatic rather than festive reasons. With that in … Continue reading

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