It’s a Long, Long Time from March to November


Last week was Friday 13th. I’m not normally superstitious but the last Friday 13th was in March and it was the day I left the office for what seems like forever. The previous one was the day after the work Christmas party and the General Election. That was a bit of comedown in more ways than one. So I was feeling edgy…but nothing bad happened. It did remind me tho that we’re going through a parallel month, what with the first lockdown creeping in partway through March and the second lockdown halfheartedly floundering around November. So what better than a side by side comparison of the Month Where It All Changed and the Month Where It All Feels a Bit Like Deja Vu? I didn’t plan this at all, so some of the pictures are a bit random but enjoy the insight into my inner monologue….


Sunday 1st

In March – I’m tired and covered in eye make up still after a racously fun wedding of some church friends. I’m clutching my guitar and on my way to lead worship for a church of equally tired people.

In November – I’m eating chocolate at 10am before online church. Apparently I liked the layering of this piece of Dairy Milk Oreo enough to take a photo of it.


Monday 2nd

In March – I’m out with the choir for a dinner to celebrate our 4th anniversary (and many more?)

In November – I take pictures of the sky


Tuesday 3rd

In March – I’m on a bus home from Woodford at school run time, which means that something has gone wrong.

In November – I’m about to go on a work zoom at school run time and I’m hoping nothing goes wrong


Wednesday 4th

In March – There appears to be a train home from Liverpool Street. After the previous day’s diversion to Woodford, I’m clearly overwhelmed by this school run miracle

In November – On the last day before Lockdown#2, Roo and I take one last walk to swimming. I’m still taking pictures of the sky


Thursday 5th

In March – School life appears to be BAU at this point. It wouldn’t be for long

In November – I think this speaks for itself.


Friday 6th


In March – The first sunny day of the year and it was a Friday so every child in Highams Park converged on the playground after school. There was a real end of term feel but we had no idea how close to the end of the term we were and how long the holiday would be

In November – There’s a pattern emerging


Saturday 7th


In March – Eva and I spend a fun day at the Feel Good Centre – making a couple of new friends, drinking coffee and finding what looked like snow on the way (it was beanbag innards)

In November – I spent the afternoon hanging out on a bench in the park with the one friend I’m allowed nowadays. There was still coffee though.

Sunday 8th

In March – I celebrate International Women’s Day by connecting with lots of amazing women at the library

In November – We mark Rembrance Day at home in front of a laptop, with the kids drawing poppies. Reuben’s was a bit too graphic to post here, so I’ve gone with Eva’s


Monday 9th


In March – Eva’s 6-month laptop obsession is starting to kick in here

In November – She’s reverted to reading books till she passes out.


Tuesday 10th


In March – The City is already getting a distinctly empty feel

In November – Eva keeps the formal dress code of the City alive by wearing a bowtie with her pyjamas


Wednesday 11th



In March – I banish Nathan to the study so we can attempt a Google Hangout. I’m trying to figure out how the heck I take choir online

In November – We’re pros at this video calling thing. I took this photo while on a Skype meeting for work. Eva is on a Zoom call for her drama class, Reuben is playing a Spiderman game on the PS4 and Nathan is working in his “office” at the end of the lounge. Our Wi-Fi is straining.

Thursday 12th

In March – All the handwashing at work was taking its toll

In November  – All the work at work was taking its toll


Friday 13th

In March – This super-smart hairdo was one of the more abstract harbingers of doom. Eva’s teacher was clearly feeling a bit unsettled by the whoel situation and found that braiding Eva’s hair was a soothing distraction.

In November – A reminder on my phone that I needed to hit the “6 month” Snooze on

Saturday 14th

In March – We knew this Disco2000 would be our last for quite some time. There was a real “last night of freedom” feel. It did get busier as the night went on.

In November – The founder of Disco2000 and I went for a walk in the rain and bought a coffee. There was a real “one hour of freedom” feel as we weren’t in our houses dealing with our children for a brief time.


Sunday 15th

In March – We also had a notion that this would be our last trip to church for a while. We distracted ourselves by playing with the Cartoonize filter on the train

In November – Distraction now takes the form of pastry and cream.

Monday 16th


In March – I run my first ever Facebook Live rehearsal for choir. Motivation slightly hard to come by

In November – It’s getting cold on these schoolday mornings. Motivation very hard to come by


Tuesday 17th

In March – Our first ever home group on Zoom

In November – You guessed it. More sky pics.


Wednesday 18th

In March – In our first week of working from home and knowing that it was all gonna to get worse soon, Nathan and I sneak out for a fancy lunch…it would be our last for several months

In November – I haven’t dyed my hair red since February because there have been no choir gigs to motivate me to do it. Tonight, with the prospect of recording a video for virtual church choir, I take the plunge…and it’s almost like I’m back at March 1st again…

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