An A-Z Guide to Helpful Social Media Posts


In the last post, I promised you more positivity….so here it is. An A-Z of ideas for social media posts which could help to spread a little joy in these tricky times.


A Artwork
Now is a great time to show off your talents to a captive audience…I would love to see what you’ve been creating, especially as I have no artistic talents of my own


B Baking
Again, I enjoy seeing the beautiful bread you’ve made (even if you forgot to add the salt) or the yummy chocolate brownies. I might not be able to share a cake with you but I can live vicariously through Facebook, right?


C Cat Pictures

Everyone loves seeing what those little fluffballs are up to, right? Even if it’s probably just sleeping all day.

D Dog Videos

Dogs are like cats but much, much better. Videos of adorable pupsters are a never-ending source of entertainment round here.

E Exercise Classes

One of the only positives about this whole lockdown situation is being able to start SwingTrain again, albeit online. So suggestions for other fun classes to burn off the piles and piles of chocolate I’ve been eating would be good.

F Fanfic

Now could be a good time to read up on all those bits that didn’t make it into your favourite books. What was going on with Snape and Filch that time? Just remember to give it an age rating if needed

G General Ramblings

This is what social media is for, right? All your random thoughts that currently have no other outlet. Especially if you’re an extrovert living with an introvert and you have LOTS OF THINGS TO SAY

H Harry Potter memes

Another way to keep the kids entertained for hours. They don’t even need to be particularly funny….they don’t have much of a filter when it comes to these things

I Interesting facts 

We all love a fact! The nerdier the better

J Jokes

Again, they don’t have to be good jokes….the kids will love them anyway

K Kid shizz

What ridiculous things have your kids said or done today? The world needs to know

L Life at your house

This is the kind of thing I want from Facebook…just seeing what’s happening in my friends’ lives all the time. And I really mean, ALL the time at the moment.

M Music

Music has pretty much always been my coping mechanism…playing it, listening to it, dancing to it. So yeah, bring it on.

N NHS Appreciation

NHS Workers are doing an amazing job…so there can never be too much praise for them

O Online gaming 

Anything that might entertain a tween-age boy is very welcome….and a 40-year-old boy for that matter

P Poetry

Again, show us your creative work. I love to see it.

Q Quizzes

Diversion, diversion, diversion. Which Charlie Bone character would I be and which 80s song would that Charlie Bone character listen to? Let’s find out!

R Rainbows

NHS rainbows or LGBT rainbows…it’s all good for brightening up my news feed

S Six Fan Arts  

A random meme that Nathan recommended and Reuben did the other day….basically drawing six characters from various fandoms or history. Reuben was given Wolverine, Groot, Baby Yoda, Woody, Batman and Hitler. The ultimate patriarchal dinner party.

T Theatre shows

Whether it’s live streams from the National Theatre or shows your kids are doing in the front room….it’s all entertaining.

U Ukulele tutorials 

I know I’m not the only person to have picked up a uke in the last few weeks. So any ukulele challenges or tutorials welcome.

V Virtual versions of everything

As well as virtual SwingTrain, we have done virtual church (virch), virtual choir (voir), virtual Dnd (errr….Virgeons and Vagons?), virtual movie nights….it’s amazing how much of your life you can move online with only a few days’ notice

W Writing

I want to see your non-poetry writing too! Everyone is going to have written a novel by the end of this, right?

X X-Men memes 

Yes, this is a total filler but I swear after I thought of this yesterday, Nathan spent an hour looking them up.

Y Yoga Stretches

I tried some of these yesterday after WFH all week in uncomfortable postions. It was lovely to stretch out a bit.

Z Zoo live feeds

Penguins! Roaming free! What’s not to love?

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