Easter Holiday Preview


Yes, I know it’s snowing. But my calendar tells me it’s Easter soon and with Easter comes a shedload of school holiday that seems to come hot on the heels of that last load of holiday the kids had.

So, what to do? Well in October half term we had a cracking time at the V&A’s theatre workshop, run by Chickenshed K&C. So it’s good to hear they’re doing something similar this holidays, even if it’s on a day the kids are already booked in to a holiday club elsewhere. It’s called  the “Museum of Mischief” and is aimed at 5-11 year olds. More information here.

Talking about holiday clubs, the Institute of Imagination is running a 3-day camp for 6-12 year olds. Or rather two 3-day camps – one 3rd -5th April and the other 10th-12th April. The kids learn about e-textiles and wearable technology and even get to make their own wearable technologies. It sounds awesome and once again I’m jealous that I no longer live on the road that the iOi is on. If you do, have a look here for more info.

Another one for those of you with older kids – the Science Museum is holding a Frankenstein Festival to celebrate 200 years since the book came out. Promising “immersive theatrical events, hands-on activities and experimental storytelling”, it’s a mix of all-age events, adult-only events and some theatre pieces that are aimed for the 12+ audiences. So something for everyone and it runs from 3rd April to 8th April.  Plus Power Up is back, which we’ve thoroughly enjoyed before.  Yes, let’s roll out that Reuben-concentration-face once again:

Credit Benjamin Ealovega, Science Museum

Credit Benjamin Ealovega, Science Museum

Let’s not forget the littlies though, as even though I don’t have any any more (sob!) I’m sure some of you do. So I’ve found this exhibition at the Horniman, which looks simply lovely for anyone who likes rainbows. So every small child ever, basically. There’s also the new play area at the Postal Museum, which we still haven’t been to but I’ve heard great reports. Gosh darn, this working 5 days a week thing is terribly overrated. I don’t get to hang around museums nearly as much as I used to. Don’t forget the Discover Centre in Stratford, another favourite haunt of ours, which has a Donaldson/Scheffler exhibition on at the moment. Well worth a visit as you can hang out all day especially now there’s a bigger and better cafe.

So that’s the Easter hols sewn up. But let’s look ahead a bit now as I’ve just heard about something VERY exciting that’s coming to London in the summer holidays. It’s called the Monstrous Festival and it takes place on 29th July at the Printworks in Surrey Quays. There are seven different worlds for kids to explore, including “Princes, Princesses and Unicorns”, an under 4s area and football training from Chelsea FC. I’ll have more details soon, but for now have a look here


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