Q Pootle 5 – Pootle All the Way

QP5 Christmas special DVD cover (flat)

It’s our favourite time of the year! Well, actually it’s not – it’s still Bonfire Night, but thanks to a sneak preview of the Q Pootle 5 Christmas special, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

This 27-minute episode sees a special guest arrive on Planet Okidoki and it’s not a spoiler to say who it is…I think you can work it out from the DVD cover. And if you couldn’t, you could work it out from Reuben’s panicked review: “Oh no! Q Pootle and Santa are in trouble!”

Yes kids, there’s peril in this. Santa’s rocket-powered sleigh is malfunctioning and it’s up to our alien friends to rescue him…while also preparing  their Christmas show. I won’t tell you what happens, but of course it ends happily. It is Christmas, after all. The longer length works well, allowing a fuller story than the normal episodes. Q Pootle is always a bit cinematic in scale and it’s nice to see its potential fulfilled.

Naturally, the children both enjoyed the episode. Reuben and I took the quiz afterwards (you’ll find it in the DVD booklet ) and scored a respectable 4/6. Then we did the Okidoki karaoke and watched the “Making of”, which revealed that the planet’s landscape is based on California and that one of the voices is done by Captain Sinker of “Swashbuckle”.

The Christmas special is out on DVD on Monday 17th November and includes a free poster. Happy almost-Christmas!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of “Pootle All the Way” in exchange for the review. All opinions remain honest and my own.

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