Chris and Pui Roadshow – A Guest Post


Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Maria of Maria Made It. LWAT takes no responsibility for her opinions or her schoolgirl crush on CJ or indeed her copyright-infringing use of “big winky face”. Enjoy!

Hello, I’m Maria, standing in for Kate who was too busy/too important/too disorganised (delete as appropriate) to get tickets… 😉 You will probably recognise my children from various other of Kate’s posts.

On Wednesday we jumped in the car and drove the short distance, that seemed to take a ridiculously long time from East Dulwich to Catford to see the much anticipated Chris and Pui Roadshow.  Maybe we should have followed Kate’s lead and gone by public transport because we then had the problem of parking, in Catford, on a weekday, in the rain.

Once safely installed in our seats, on the second row, the excitement began to build and we realised that just like last year, we had made the mistake of not bringing our toys, oops.  The show started with Chris asking us all to say, “Hoooowwww do you dooooo?” to our neighbours, “just like they do in Dulwich” which is right Chris, that is exactly how we talk (big winky face 😉 ) and then he asked us to turn to the other side and say, “aye up!”  Which is, according to Chris, how they talk in Catford, I can’t comment on that…

The show then continued with the usual set of “Show me, Show me” characters and an extravaganza of nursery rhymes, tenuous links and jokes for the mums and dads.  We all loved it, even my husband was laughing out loud at the jokes.  I thought Thomas was going to burst during Old MacDonald’s hunt for the piglets which got the entire audience yelling their heads off, spotting the escaped little piggies, which were all eventually found and the last one went weeeeee all the way home and yes you guessed it, we got wet!

After the mayhem, was a calming interlude of “Twinkle Twinkle”, before ramping back up with some groovy moves.  Then there was what should have been a clever trick with a paintbrush, but due to operator error (first Chris, then Pui..) it didn’t quite go as planned but Chris managed to masterfully tweak something and sort it out, I am sure no one noticed, and if they did, it added to the charm.

Speaking of charm, I am sure I am not the only one who rather enjoyed Chris’ renditions of “Leaning on the Lamppost” and “Singing in the Rain” fab ukulele playing too Chris!


After the show, we hung around for 10 minutes to see if there would be a meet and greet like last year.  No one seemed to know and only a few families waited.  We were rewarded with signed postcards and colouring sheets and a photo opportunity.  If you are going to one of the other shows, you should certainly wait to meet them, they are lovely!  I told Chris and a Pui that I would be writing this blog, so I do hope they read it, and that they like it!  We bought ourselves a copy of the new CD too which is handy because our last one has gone a bit squeaky from over use, we listened to most of it on the way home, yes it took us that long!

So, if you/your little ones love “Show me, show me” you are all sure to love the roadshow.  You can find out about the next dates and tickets at and get yourself a CD too, enjoy!

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