That Bob and I are doing something stupid.  This might not be news, but it’s all for a good cause – two good causes, in fact. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Well, we’re kinda super-sizing that and plunging into the icy depths of the Hampstead Heath Ladies’ Pond a month from today – November 22nd.

Why? Well, cancer has claimed the lives of two great men recently. One is Bang, the other Bob’s dad Nick. We’re doing this in their memory and the money raised is being split between Cancer Research UK and Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. As you’ve probably guessed, we need our support…but there are three things you can do to help:


Easy – it’s right here (


Share this post. Share the giving page. Follow @Memorialplunge on Twitter and retweet my watery ramblings. There’s so much you can do without even spending a penny or moving from your seat. You can even do this bit while watching “The Apprentice:You’re Fired”


Does the sound of a *very* refreshing swim appeal to you? Well, come along and join us. November 22nd, Hamsptead Heath Ladies’ Pond. Everyone welcome, as long as you’re a lady. If you don’t want to swim, you can come and spectate, cheer us on and hold the thermos…

Thank you all in advance. I have never done anything like this before, so please please please help us and stop me looking like a total fool There’ll be enough of that when the post-plunge photos come out – here’s a taster of a previous freshwater swim I’ve done, with some foolhardy friends. Mmm, brisk!


So, here’s that link again…just in case you missed it:



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