News from the Wonderful World of CBeebies…and Another Giveaway!!



It’s no secret that my kids love CBeebies and so I’m always excited when I get any Beebies news to share with you. And this week I have four bits. FOUR! And one of them is a giveaway. It’s Big Fun Time on the blog. Oh yes.

Let’s start with something that’s not London-y. If you live inside the M25, I give you permission to either skip this next paragraph or go to the to buy a ticket to Manchester. But I know I have at least two readers who ae Manc-based, so this is going out to you.

Remember the CBeebies panto news? Well, you’ll know by now whether you have a ticket (a big squeeee! for N at this point). But if you haven’t, fear not! There is loads going on outside the venue at Salford, on the 10th and 11th October. The panto will be relayed onto big screens outside, and there will be performances from Dr Ranj (just pretend you didn’t see this morning’s “This Morning”), Mister Liker-Biker Maker, Rebecca, Sid and Cerrie. There’s also a tall ship, which is becoming the “CBeebies Jolly Roger” for those days and featuring activities and storytelling. Then there are crafts, treasure hunts,  dance classes… Don’t miss it!

Next up, let’s talk about that giveaway. Yes, one lucky reader will be receiving a copy of newly-minted DVD “Tree Fu Tom’s Big Spell”. It has 7 episodes of magical fun, so perfect for those long, dreary autumn evenings. Just fill in the form below to enter and I’ll be announcing the winner on 6th October. But if you don’t win, you can buy the DVD the same day as that’s when it hits the shops! Talking of giveaways, don’t forget that the Octonauts Live! giveaway is on for a few more days….but be quick or you’ll miss it…!

So, what else? Well, there’s a new Q Pootle 5 DVD out next week as well, which I should be reviewing for you very soon. Reuben always refuses to get dressed until QP5 has finished so I don’t think he’ll get the whole DVD every morning…but needless to say, he’s a big fan of Planet Okey-Dokey. Lastly, we’ve been enjoying the CBeebies/Sesame Street crossover “Furchester Hotel” and there’s now a Furchester game on the CBeebies app as well s some other updates. Find out more on the BBC blog..

Phew! That’s a lot of news. Don’t forget to fill in the form below to win the Tree Fu Tom comp!



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  3. chelsea Williams says:

    my nephews would love this dvd

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