The Friends of London With a Toddler

You may have noticed something new appearing both here ^^ and here >>.

You haven’t? Look again. LWAT has some sponsors…but they’re a special kind of sponsor. They are companies that really mean something to Team LWAT and they’re all awesome. Let me tell you why.


First up, we have The Dish and the Spoon, which LWAT readers will remember as being the winner of our “London’s Most Toddler-Friendly Cafe” award. They serve the most beautiful silky cappucinos, they host singing sessions with Becky of Nimble Arts and her puppets and it’s a little haven of loveliness, which is an essential destination if you’re ever in the Nunhead/East Dulwich/Peckham Rye area. Which is also the ‘hood of….


Maria Made It. You all know Maria. She’s selflessly eaten cake with us in the pursuit of the cafe award, and joined us on many adventures around South-East London. But did you know she also makes beautiful jewellery? Fine silver pieces, handprint pedants and lots more. Do have a look at her website and get a slice of handmade jewellery goodness.


And then there’s Wauwaa. LWAT has been working with Wauwaa since its launch last year, and they very kindly stream LWAT content on the site. Their site is a mixture of parenting news, video tutorial, hilarious blog posts from a very funny friend of mine and a shop with funky kids clothes. No word of a lie – both my kids are wearing Wauwaa clothes this morning. Look, Eva’s modelling one of their tops here…


So, say hello to our Friends of LWAT, click on their sites, buy stuff! I promise they are all especially lovely people…

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