Coram’s Fields Needs Your Help!



While I was at Coram’s the other day with C’sMum, I noticed that they were running an appeal for funds. In case you didn’t know, Coram’s Fields is a private charity, not a publicly funded park, yet it flings its gates open to any child that wants to play. It’s beloved by NCTers and BLWers alike, and it needs more funds to carry on being a lovely space in the heart of studenty Bloomsbury. So, consider this a free ad for the joys of Coram’s, especially the recently changed bits…Consider it payback for the hours of free fun we’ve had there. If you’ve had hours of fun there too, you can donate here.

So, there’s a brand new sensory area that’s just opened at the back:


It has musical panels, touchy-feely panels and puzzles:



There’s also a new, accessible roundabout towards the back, where the cafe is  -I forget what those things are called, but it’s something like a whirl of joy. Or something. Talking of the cafe, it seems that they’re looking for new people to run it so presumably Kipferl have moved their star biscuits and sausages elsewhere. C’sMum was quite distressed that there was nowhere to stock up on caffeine at the moment. So, ever fancied running a park cafe? Apply here!

And of course, there’s the traditional Coram’s pursuit of animal-bothering – in this case a chicken that Reuben wanted to set free to roam about:


I think he seemed quite happy in his house, with layers of fencing between him and sticky toddlers. Reuben also tried to liberate the grumpy goat, until we persuaded him that it was a bad idea (luckily, he still believes that goats like to eat his trousers).

Add on the zipwire, the paddling pool, the sand and water play area, the other sandpit, the multitude of slides  and swings….that’s Coram’s. So, how did Eva choose to spend her first hour or so there?



So ungrateful. But she made up for it later, don’t worry!

I almost forgot to mention that there’s a new sand area too, in the sensory bit. Mr Coram, you are really spoiling us…


So, go for a visit…play, enjoy, take multiple changes of clothing once they turn the water on (normally May-ish) and don’t forget to donate!





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