The “London’s Most Toddler-Friendly Cafe” Award

IMG-20130808-00105Yesterday we went to The Dish and Spoon cafe in East Dulwich. I haven’t written about it yet, because I have to get my head around Maori politics first, but it gave me an idea. A quest! And the quest is to find London’s most toddler-friendly cafe. And then give them some kind of trophy. But what I need right now are nominations. Fill in the form below to nominate your favourite cafe, then I’ll put together a shortlist and put it to the vote. Of course, Eva and I might just go and test these cafes out before shortlisting them. Any excuse to eat cake and call it “work”.

This is about honouring small businesses who are great with kids, so no franchises or museum cafes etc. To give you an idea, here’s some of my favourites:

IMG-20130116-02220Gooseberry Bush Cafe, South Wimbledon

IMG-20110815-00117Tea House Theatre, Vauxhall

IMG-20120830-01052That Place on the Corner, Stoke Newington

IMG-20120417-00025Living Waters Satisfies, Crystal Palace

IMG-20130308-02655Eat, Play, Love Battersea

Oh, and the nominees will get a nifty badge that I made myself. It’ll be a bit like this…


Happy nominating!

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