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IMG-20130905-00346Yes, it’s one of those posts where I talk about random bits and pieces, following the LWAT philosophy that hopefully something I say will be useful to someone somewhere someday.

First off, you may recall that I got quite excited about the arrival of a Nandos in Vauxhall. And now it’s open! I will review it when it’s not a week of settling a child into something or other. Eva started nursery this week, Roo’s starting school next week…there’s a whole lot settling in going on. And in case you’re wondering how ultra-attached Eva is getting on at nursery, the answer is “patchy”. But not horrific. Apparently, her friend H comforts her when she’s sad. Aww.

But the upshot is, no Nandos testing for us this week. In fact, we have barely left Kennington. The photo above was taken late last night, on a jaunt to Wandsworth to see About Time with Eva’s godmother Ellie. Ellie is always good quality company, whether it’s accidentally insulting minority groups or flinging herself in front of buses, and the Southside Centre in Wandsworth was far posher and nicer than I remember. One thing that caught my eye was this:

IMG-20130905-00345In case you have no idea what that is, it’s a burger restaurant called Spur that appears to have its own soft play. I know pubs with soft play in are common occurrences outside London, but a bit of a rarity in South London, especially somewhere that’s 9 minutes away from Vauxhall by train. Again, we will check it out and report back.

So, what did we do today? Well, Eva was in nursery for a full-ish day and Reuben and I were free to roam, for the last time before he starts school. It took me a while to decide what to do – my heart said grand adventure, my head said to stay close to Eva’s nursery just in case, and to try and do some of our massive to-do list. So head won. And first on the to-do list was Reuben’s head. I wanted his hair a little less shaggy before school starts, so I took him to Crazy Chimps to have a hair cut there.

Sadly, I didn’t get “before” and “after” photos, but you can be assured it is definitely shorter now. While he was sitting in his car-shaped seat and watching “Bananas in Pyjamas” on an iPad, I sat in the cafe with my laptop and a pot of tea and worked. Then he ran around crazily while I worked some more, only coming back to have a sip of juice every now and then. It suddenly seems so easy only having a 4-year-old to look after, especially when it’s in an enclosed space. He didn’t even have many fights.

While I was there, Sally told me a few things that were coming up soon – they are starting Zumba classes and kickboxing for kids, and they have a special deal where an adult and child can both dine and play for £15 (though the adults may not want to play) Check their website for more details.

Then we went to the ever-pleasant Tea House for cake with Reuben’s BFF before picking an only slightly sad-eyed Eva up from nursery. And that segues nicely into the last thing I wanted to tell you – the nursery, among other people, are exhibiting at the Pasley Park fete tomorrow. There’s free children’s entertainment, so if you’re local please do pop down and show your support! We’ll be 60 miles away, but there in spirit… More information here.

And before I go, here’s one more glimpse of the Promised Nand….


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