Get Ready For….The Great North(ern Line) Run

funky-northern-line.pngSo, tension is heightening….it’s almost time for the Great North(ern Line) Run!  Fro those not in the know, it’s LWAT’s 2nd birthday, so we are choosing something in London that has TWO branches and splitting into TWO teams of TWO. Get the theme yet? It’s also the 200th post!

Starting line is the Peyton & Byrne cafe at the Wellcome Collection, Euston Rd and finishing line is Kennington tube (first one to touch the “No Northern Line today” sign wins) In between those two points, anything could happen. But for those who want to know, here are The Rules:

1) Team A shall take the Charing Cross route, passing the following stations: Warren St, Goodge St, Tottenham Court Rd, Leicester Square, Charing Cross, Embankment and Waterloo

2) Team B shall take the Bank route, passing the following stations: Kings Cross, Angel, Old St, Moorgate, Bank, London Bridge, Borough and Elephant and Castle

3) Each team shall take  a photo of each station as it’s passed, and “check in” by posting on the Facebook event

4) Team A shall comprise of one parent+Reuben and buggy

5) Team B shall comprise of one parent+Eva and sling

6) The teams shall be decided by toss of coin at the starting line. Kate will toss a coin and heads = Bank (Team B) and tails = Charing Cross (Team A)

7) Team A has one less stop and a shorter route, but they have the following handicaps:

i) The one-way system of Tottenham Court Rd means that the first section must be walked (between Euston and Tottenham Court Rd station). The section between Charing Cross and Waterloo is also probably going to be walked, so that’s a lot of walking.

ii) Reuben

So, them’s the rules. Here’s the Facebook event for those who want to follow the live update. And here are the children’s t-shirts for the event.If you see us, make sure to wave!

tube teeshorts

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