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I may have mentioned the Tea House Theatre once or twice before. Forgive me. It’s a local business, and I’m a  firm believer in supporting local business where possible (and then shopping at Tesco). So I’m happy to give places like this all the free plugs they want.

During Advent, the Tea House started showing kids films at 4pm and we went down after nursery for every one. I’ve got to admit, I didn’t think it would go too well. Roo is always super-tired after nursery and just crashes out in front of the TV. But it turned out that crashing out in front of a big screen in a cafe works just as well for him. They put blankets and a big cushion down at the front and the kids just lounge about and eat homemade popcorn. We watched “How the Grinch stole Christmas” there and the next day, Roo was begging to  go back “I wanna go to the Tea House and watch a film about a snowman”. So, the next week we went back and watched a film about a snowman. Then the week after, we went to see “Muppets Christmas Carol”. There were lots of people Roo’s size and a lovely Christmassy atmosphere.

So this year, they’re showing kids films weekly, still on a Monday at 4pm. We missed January’s “Finding Nemo” due to CrapBerry diary fail, but we went this week for “Pooh’s Heffalump Movie” and it was good fun. Roo and I had some chocolate cake while we waited for it to start, and then Roo played happily with the owner’s 2-year-old daughter. Eva was jealous of the owner’s baby due to her having a tad more hair than Eva, but maybe one day they’ll be friends. There is a whole chest of toys and books, and plenty of highchairs. Both kids enjoyed themselves and it was a pity it was quieter than the Christmas season.

So, if you’re looking for something to do to brighten up a dull Monday afternoon (and Monday afternoon is a particularly dull part of the week), get down to the Tea House and enjoy some cake and film with us. More details here.

A quick note while I’m writing to say THANK YOU to anyone who nominated me for a MAD Award. It’s so exciting to see my name on the list, even if it’s with 400 others….Still 5 days to go if you haven’t voted yet!

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