London in a crisis

So, you’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been the last few days. The answer is right here, carrying on with life in the wake of the chaos our city seems to have found itself in. I last updated on Sunday, just before our local shopping street descended into anarchy. Two days later and the city is a different place – bits of it gone forever, bits of it changed forever. Our area is as yet untouched but we wait nervously for the darkness to see what will happen tonight. Will it be us next?

I doubt it somehow. The looters have been concentrating on places they can steal stuff from – so mainly shopping areas. Our estate is probably home to some of those very same looters and as our lodger so eloquently put it “you don’t poop where you eat”. (He’s american so can get away with saying poop). Still, we’ve made an escape plan should anything happen and I doubt we’ll be sleeping soundly.

I made my feelings on London very clear in my first ever post and they haven’t changed. We’re staying, at least till someone throws something through our window. Tomorrow’s activities with Roo will be local and low-key but we’re not hiding yet. Life goes on. Ask me again tomorrow morning…..

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