Kennington Park

Another local-y one. I will get off my arse and go somewhere more exciting soon, promise. We darn near went to the Natural History Museum the other day but the queues were horrendous, so it was the Science Museum instead. And turns out, you CAN blog too much about one place…!

I’ve realised that, with all these local tips, and the handy map it would be very easy to work out where we lived and stalk us. Well, all I’ll say to that is that I’ve only been cyber-stalked once (my Friends Reunited page was used to find out where I worked, so that tells you how long ago this was) and if you’re that person, then it’s easier all round if you don’t even try to find me. Anyone else, well you’re welcome to my hood any time 🙂

So, Kennington Park – another mainstay for us. And for a South London park, just off the A3 it’s really not bad. A decent amount of green space (from my house and back plus a couple of laps =5k. Not that I’ve counted or anything) and a nice play area with a sandpit, see-saws and a couple of slides. And the bus! (see above). Toppest of top tips – don’t go to this park when the bus is being repainted. Sure, it looks all nice and shiny now (better than it does in the photo above) but whoever put up the fence around it when it was closed didn’t quite think it through. If I was the fence-building type, I’d imagine I’d try not to leave a gap at the bottom that a toddler could fit through. I’m not the fence building type so I can’t judge but needless to say, Roo spotted the weak spot instantly and was under the fence in a jiffy. After being hauled out by the nappy (always dignified), he returned with a friend and was back under. The friend got shouted at by his mother, there were many tears and I wondered why it was always my boy leading the others astray.

Moving swiftly on, what else is there? Well, a nice cafe with space for buggies where I used to go after baby group (y’know, the days when he would just sit in my arms quietly…). They do both fruit tea and soya milk, for my virtuous days . And ice cream too, for my less virtuous days. There’s a nature walk too, although when me and Nathan visited a few years back the only nature we spotted was a rough-looking dog and a pair of pants. Reports have suggested that other, rarer, types of nature have been spotted there too, including “wino”, “pigeon” and “drug dealer”. Worth a look, I reckon.

Ah, but I can’t slag it off too much. We had Roo’s first birthday party there and many other social occasions. There’s a big portuguese barbeque once a year and various other festivals. Just probably best avoided after dark….

More details here (official website)

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