Vauxhall City Farm – 01/07/11

Just a quick one this, as  it’s only little. Shockingly, considering how local the farm is to us, we’ve only been there once. It’s nice. There are animals – rabbits, ducks, cows etc and even a couple of alpacas (we’re not sure why they’re there and neither are they). Reuben liked looking at the horse and shouting “Hor!” much to the amusement of my friend Kelly. There was evidence of pigs and sheep but we didn’t actually see either of those. Roo was happy with a picture of Peppa Pig on his friend’s rucksack instead. It is very small – don’t expect to spend more than half an hour there. But worth a visit if you live nearby.

VERDICT: Compact but enjoyable, especially if your toddler likes to point at animals and make their animal noises. How the cows feel about being moo-ed at, no-one knows.

More details here (official website)

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  1. katese11 says:

    Since writing this post this morning, I have made the horrifying discovery that “Green Balloon Club” filmed one of their songs there. Hopefully, the chances of bumping into one of them is very small but sorry to expose you to that risk….

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