New Cross in the rain 16/07/11

Not the most promising title, I know…. We have some friends that live in New Cross and they were having a BBQ today (in the rain…cause we’re British). Roo was getting restless inside, so we took him to the park on Monson Rd.

There are three slides, so a good slide count, even if one of them is death-defying high for a toddler-sized person (see below). That’s about all I can say. Really, an excuse to put a pin in this corner of the map and also to show that our lives aren’t as interesting as this blog makes out. For every Science Museum trip, there are twenty trips to soggy South London parks….

VERDICT: Definitely one for people who already are in New Cross and haven’t yet located the station or bus stop.

Post-script – In trying to find a weblink for this road, I discovered that it is home to the pub used as “The Winchester” in Shaun of the Dead. So that’s another reason to go there!

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