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Why Can’t Britain Just be British?

  I don’t know about you but I’ve been getting some mixed messages from the Tory Party Conference. First there’s Jeremy Hunt telling a meeting that cutting tax credits was all in the interests of creating an Asian-style working culture. … Continue reading

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A Close Encounter of the IDS Kind

What would you do if you had the chance to talk to Iain Duncan Smith, head of the DWP, so-called “Butcher of Benefits” and my local MP? I asked that question on Facebook and the answers ranged from the violent … Continue reading

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A Letter to My Elected Representative – Thank You For Representing Me

  Dear Iain Duncan Smith How are you? I hear that you were at Highams Park Day on Saturday, just like we were. Did you have fun? Were you sad that the bar ran out of beer? My husband was. … Continue reading

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The Real Danger of UKIP

  I know, I know…this has nothing to do with London toddlerness. But I live in London and I’m damned if my toddlers are going to grow up under the thumb of Farage. How will my poor son-of-Israel boy be … Continue reading

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