Summer Holidays are Here!


We’re one day in and I’m sporting one motherhecker of a sunburn, thanks to a 4.5 hr session in Myatt’s Fields this afternoon. The water was on intermittently – I think it was between 12:30 and 2 then again 3-5 – so it was a good place to hang out on a sunny day. I slowly realised though that my kids were on an inset day and Lambeth schools hadn’t yet broken up, which became apparent mid-afternoon. By the time we left, it was crazily busy and I imagine it’ll be like that on every scorching day we have this summer (so at least two more of those then). We did escape the madness briefly to have an ice cream at the Little Cat Cafe:


The kids wanted to know why it was called that and were dissatisfied with my suggestion that maybe it was run by little cats. If you know better, please fill me in…

So, what else is there to do for the next 47 days? Well, I’ve already mentioned the wonderful Nick Butterworth event at the Planetarium next Tuesday (and please do enter the giveaway to win tickets…time is running out!). The event is 10am-1pm and you can buy tickets here.

I’ve also heard tell of an exciting family festival running for the next three weekends at Canary Wharf. It actually started last weekend, but forgive me…I’ve had a lot on. Highlights include a production of  “Danny, Champion of the World” to mark Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday. All events are outdoors and free, and there’s a lot more information here.


Another exciting event is happening at the Science Museum, and I’ll be reporting back from the launch tomorrow evening. It’s an exhibition called “Power Up“, celebrating 40 years of gaming, and it’s an immersive and interactive exhibit where you get to try out hundreds of classic games, from “Pong” to “Halo”. I’m looking forward to seeing it tomorrow, before the official opening on 22nd July, but the issue will be dragging Nathan and Reuben away from it again. Ah well, it only runs till 7th August so I guess they could just live at the Science Museum till then…

I am also super-excited about the Discover Centre re-opening. We got free tickets as part of “The Librarian” and I can’t wait to go and see the changes they’ve made. It re-opens *EDIT* next Saturday, 30th July, with a Dr Seuss exhibition and I’m sure we’ll be heading there shortly. Never fails to entertain the children!

Another museum you can rely on to keep the kids happy is the Horniman, and that has its usual program of family-friendly events on over the summer. I must confess I’ve been to the Horniman a lot less since a) we’ve not been living in South London and b) I’ve not been on mat leave. It’s always worth a visit though, and seems to have dinosaurs on in the temp space at the moment. Perfect for the dino-obsessed 5-year-old in your life (sadly, I don’t have one of those any more…)

I also need to revisit the National Maritime Museum, as I’ve heard it’s “Above and Beyond” exhibition is excellent. It’s one for older kids, 7+ (sadly I do have one of those) and it describes itself as a “ground-breaking interactive exhibition [which] explores the marvels of aerospace innovation, design and technology”. Wonder if I can ditch Eva one day to take Roo along?

And what if you have to work all summer long? Bah! Well, you can always ensure the kids have fun by sending them to Nimble Arts’ holiday club, which promises craft, storytelling, drama and a lot of fun. Places are filling up fast but last I looked there were still spaces. Once again, I’m regretting not being a South Londoner any more….

Enjoy your summer and let me know if you have any events you’d like to list here….I’ll be updating this as I find out more…

Like this – JUST IN! – Slap Haddock are taking their cinema ushers back onto the streets again, to entertain us with some “Street Theatre Saturdays”. I suspected something was afoot when I spotted them in usher gear at the Walthamstow Garden Party, but I didn’t know what and, to be honest, I still don’t. This image is the sum of information I have (filched from LBWF twitter feed):


Hope that clears it up. Slap Haddock stuff is always fun and interactive and my kids love it, so get down to South Chingford or South Leytonstone tomorrow.

I’ve also just heard about an event in Dalston tomorrow night – it’s a giant puppet opera but given its 8pm start time and the fact that it has “some frightening scenes”, I’m guessing this is one for older kids (5+ is the official guidance). It’s called “Bluebeard’s Theatre” and it’s being staged in Gillett Square. And guess what – it’s free! More info here.

Another thing I noticed last night was a poster for family holiday activities at the V&A. I haven’t managed to find out any specifics but if anyone knows, do tell…!


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  1. Lily says:

    The Little Cat Cafe is named after The Minet family who played a significant role in the history of Myatt’s Field. Minet, French for Pussycat.

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