Wauwaa Winner Announced!


But I won’t announce it just yet because I’ve been stung that way before (darn spoiler-y preview text)…so first off, here’s the most popular name in our Doctor Who-inspired baby poll. It’s David! The handsome 10th Doctor, as he’s traditionally known, was played by David Tennant and right now he’s threatening a rabbit (Thanks to ToddlaGirl, we’re watching the episode on delay TV). David Tennant’s hobbies include mud-wrestling Ewan McGregor in giant chocolate pies.

Anyway, enough of this stalling. It’s time to announce the winner. Co-incidentally, she is the only person who attempted to bribe me in this giveaway but LWAT and random.org remain as unbiased and incorruptible as ever. Congratulations to…

Cassie Pearse! Enjoy that puppy bag 🙂

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