Competition Time!!! With Wauwaa!


It’s my 250th post, and as my old boss knows, I love a round number. So to celebrate, I’m giving a £50 voucher for fab new parenting site wauwaa. It’s got a shop full of cute things, which happen to be on sale right now (I’m eyeing up the puppy backpack), so it could help buy some lovely Christmas presents for the small people in your life, like Eva’s godmother Ellie.

Wauwaa has parenting advice, NHS videos (one of which features me and Nathan), streamed LWAT blog posts and articles written by the ridoinkulously funny Jo Gatford (if anyone has any better idea on how to write ridoinkulous, do let me know). All you have to do is fill in the contact form below and the winner will be selected by It’s only running for two days, as I’ve decided to entirely arbitrarily tie it in with another 50 milestone – the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who episode this Saturday. So, the winner will be announced at 21:05 on 23rd November, just after the episode finishes.

It’s a Doctor Who themed question, with a baby-link too. Remember, it closes in  48 hours so enter now to win!


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