An addendum to my last post….

Guess who got their letter published? (see this post) So, it was a little edited but still…I feel like I’ve made some kind of point.  Wonder why they left out the line about ill-conceived journalism?!

Normal service resumed soon…tomorrow is the Science Museum again (with a different set of nephron). It’s not that I have no imagination, it’s just the best place to take school age kids in London….new blog posts soon, promise!

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2 Responses to An addendum to my last post….

  1. Tim Wiffen says:

    I’m reliably informed that the transport museum is the “best place to take school age kids in London”. Never been myself even though I may behave like a kid.

  2. katese11 says:

    Ah, maybe I should have said it’s the best free place to take school age kids! We do love the transport museum too though…

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