Walthamstow Wanders Part 2


We’ve been wandering around Walthamstow again. There’s still a lot to discover in this corner of the world, and it’s getting ever more toddler-friendly as more hipster parents move in from Stoke Newington. Yes, you can now buy overpriced organic veg on Chingford Road. I’ll leave you to decide whether that’s a good thing.

But it does mean that when a new cafe opens, a smart owner will embrace the childsome culture. I heard about Indulgence, on Hoe St, from the Walthamstow Parents Facebook group, with dozens of people praising the friendliness and the cake. So when Eva and I found ourselves on Hoe St, in desperate need of cake, it seemed like a logical place to go. We were killing a bit of time and I’d planned to take her to the children’s section of the library for some books and a runaround, but she’d inconveniently fallen asleep the moment we got there. So I went for a walk, to the WAM office and she woke up, extremely grumpy. Hence needing the cake.

It really was lovely. There was nothing that was too much effort for the ladies working there. They brought out a tray of freshly baked muffins for StroppyPants to choose from, and offered to warm one up for her. It’s bright, friendly and the tea selection is good. They have an outdoor space, which I think will be lovely in summer, and they do have loos, even though it’s not immediately obvious where they are. The only negative is that they don’t take card at the moment, but there is a free cash machine in the shop opposite, so it’s not too much effort. A few doors down, there’s also a super-cute-looking kids’ clothes store called “Kaboom” – it seems to share a unit with a Chinese medicine shop, so it’s not immediately obvious where it is. Just kinda go round the corner into Greenleaf Rd and you’ll see it. I didn’t go in, in case I spent money I didn’t have, but there were some lovely t-shirts in the window.

That was Wednesday. Yesterday saw us hanging around Wood St for a couple of hours. Yes – me, Nathan and our one child Eva. Very civilised. We wandered through the Indoor Market, with Eva admiring a yellow vintage dress, and were only slightly put off by two gentlemen arguing over whether to have the door open or closed. Then we went in search of a park I’d heard much about but never been to – the Pirate Ship of Bisterne Avenue.

Not that I remembered it was Bisterne Avenue. Or in fact where it was at all. I first led everyone past Tumble in the Jungle to a likely-looking patch of green on Google Maps but that turned out to be a cricket pitch. Next, we walked back towards Forest Rd but that put us on the wrong side of a railway line. A bit of googling led us back to Wood Street station and up Fyfield Rd till we found the mythical park. And it did indeed have a pirate ship in:


It’s all been freshly refurbished, and as well as the pirate ship there were ping pong tables and a play tunnel:


And a zipwire! Sadly our one child was too little to go on it on her own, and holding her on is back-breaking work for a mother. There was also a random hammock:



It was a great little park but we were cold, so it was time for a coffee at Lot 107, another WP-recommended cafe. Again, it was very friendly, warm and serves good coffee. I wish I could report back on the cake but two of the three cakes were eaten by Eva, leaving me and Nathan half a shortbread each. Hardly seems fair, does it? Still, the shortbread was nice.


Lot 107 do an afternoon tea on a Thursday, with kids’ activities so I may take Roo one day (ah yes, I do have more than one child…I’d forgotten). And on that note, we needed to leave the cafe to pick Reuben up from his friend’s party at Tumble in the Jungle. I can’t say I can really report on Tumble, given I only dropped him off and picked him up again…think I’ll save that for another day. There will be more Walthamstow adventures.

And for the rest of you who don’t live in East 17? Don’t worry – there are more exotic trips planned. Starting with Highbury next week. Who knows – we may even venture to West London one day…



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Brooks Farm – 23/01/15


You may not have noticed but it’s blimming cold today. I’m cold right now.  I may have to persuade Eva to come and give me a hug to warm up, but that’s going to be a tough job, given she’s busy attending to her own babies. They grow up so fast.

So naturally, today was the day to do something outdoorsy. A city farm, to be exact. Brooks Farm in Leyton has recently reopened after a refit and they are now running toddler sessions on a Tuesday and a Friday morning at 10. You pay £1.50 at the cafe, go to the classroom for a bit and then go out to feed the animals their breakfast. So, we had a little time to warm up before the outdoor bit and the sun was out anyway, which gave the illusion of it being above zero degrees, The two pairs of socks and furry boots also helped.

The play session at the start was fun – there were puzzles, toys and play tunnels out and it’s in an enclosed space so I got to chat to my friends a bit while Eva pottered about. There’s also that all-important toilet. Let’s not dwell on the potty training progress. I slightly regretted not buying a coffee when I bought my ticket, but I’m never 100% sure on the whole eating-and-drinking on farms thing. I guess it’s OK if you don’t have your hand in a goat’s mouth at the same time. And yes, that did happen later.


After half an hour or so, we gathered to sing a few verses of “Old McDonald”, along with glove puppets and then went to feed the lambs. Eva was one of the first to the hay bales and so got pounced on by three excitable lambs at the same time. I don’t know why I thought lambs would be meek and gentle…they’re just woolly puppies really. Anyway, she got to give the lamb its bottle, which she is now recreating with the aforementioned babies and some “soil milk”. Such a Jewish mother.


Next up were the rabbits. We got to stroke a ridiculously soft one called Ronnie, who was a lot more placid than his Kray namesake. I guess nature really didn’t make him that way. We filled the rabbits’ food trays up, petted them and then moved onto the goats, who gobbled up handfuls of pellets from both me and Eva. Contrary to popular belief (Reuben’s), they didn’t also try to eat our clothes. Then we saw the  ducks on their iced-up pond, the ponies and a cow that Eva insightfully declared was “not real”. Oh, and there was a rogue peacock too:

2015-01-23 10.51.03

It was a lovely farm and, if it had been a bit warmer, I think we would have lingered. We didn’t even try the icy climbing frames of Skelton Lane Park, but it looked like there was an exciting wooden adventure playground there. One for the summer, I feel. But the play-and-feeding session is a grand morning out all year round. Just wrap up warm.

2015-01-23 09.56.29

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Save the Rabbit Hole!

2014-06-18 12.22.10paint


These are unhappy times for London’s toddler-friendly cafes. Our favourite Dish and Spoon is closed, due to water damage repair and Nancy’s Pantry is also closed, following a fire. And now the Rabbit Hole is facing closure too, due to an extraordinarily shortsighted and ill-managed business rates system from Newham Council. In a neglected part of Stratford, beyond the bright lights of Westfield, this plucky cafe and community space has been warming the hearts and feet of the local parenting community since May 2014 and it would be a shame and a disgrace if it was sabotaged by the very people who should be encouraging business development. 

Here’s a link to the petition. Please take a moment to sign it and share it – you never know what an impact it could make. And here are some of the lovely things people have been saying while signing:

“This is a valuable asset to the local community. Such an inspirational place”

“The Rabbit Hole is a wonderful child-friendly community space which should be supported by the council! It’s too good to let go!”

“Through hard work and commitment this space has been created to offer support, to enable individuals who are carers of young children, and for children themselves to play learn and communicate”

So please sign, and pop down to the Rabbit Hole to show your support. There may still be a chance…


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Competition Time!! Win a Family Ticket to “In the Night Garden Live”



Exciting news in LWATville. The “In the Night Garden” dome is hitting the road again and we have a family ticket to give away! The dates have just been announced today and <drumroll> here they are:

Live Quarter at The O2, LONDON: 28 May – 13 June

Richmond Old Deer Park, LONDON: 20 June – 4 July

Cannon Hill Park, BIRMINGHAM: 11 – 25 July

The Trafford Centre, MANCHESTER: 1 – 22 August

Queen’s Park, GLASGOW: 29 August – 12 September

Tickets go on sale on 30th Jan, with an exclusive pre-sale from 27th Jan (registration for pre-sale opens tomorrow) but as I may have mentioned a few times now, you can WIN! WIN! WIN! through our very own, London With a Toddler competition page.  Link too subtle? Try HERE

The comp closes on 19th Jan, so enter now. While you wait for the results, check out my review from last year. Isn’t that a pip?

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The Real Danger of UKIP



I know, I know…this has nothing to do with London toddlerness. But I live in London and I’m damned if my toddlers are going to grow up under the thumb of Farage. How will my poor son-of-Israel boy be able to wander Walthamstow if the Neo-Nazis are holding hate rallies outside Waltham Forest Town Hall? (And trust me, the Town Hall is the ideal base for a fascist party. It really lends itself to extremism)

But UKIP won’t get in the next election, will they? After all, they’re a pretty minority party still. True, the National Socialists were in the minority too, but this is 21st Century Britain and we don’t fall for the wholesome old “Kinder, Kirche, Kuche”, fresh air and exercise, fascism-is-your-friend routine do we? Oh, except that apparently UKIP are now a “major party” who will be allowed to take part in TV debates in the run up to the election, a privilege the poor Green Party have never been offered.

And that, to me, is the real danger. The media are letting Farage speak. And what he says is pretty darn ugly.

People diss political correctness, but it has moved our society on at an unprecedented rate. It was only 40 years ago that “Love Thy Neighbour” was prime-time telly – as Wikipedia describes it, it was about a “suburban white working class couple in Twickenham attempting to come to terms with having a black couple as next-door neighbours”. Attempting to come to terms with it. That’s brave of them. Political correctness isn’t about not calling coffee “black” or making children sing about rainbow sheep. It’s about not using language as a weapon against people who are in some superficial way different to you.

Of course, Farage is too clever to start spouting off about “darkies” and “poofters” but his rhetoric is consistently one of division and blame. Take his response to the horrific events in Paris, which apparently were the fault of “multiculturalism”. They weren’t. They were the work of people who were unhinged. And those, my friend, you get in even the most Aryan of cultures.  But taking the opportunity to rile up anti-Muslim feeling is not only grossly inappropriate, but also hugely insensitive to the family of Ahmed Merabet, the Muslim police officer who was shot at point-blank range while begging for mercy. Yes, Muslims are victims of terror too. It pays to remember that sometimes. And I have little time for anyone who curses religion in general for these killings – but that’s a whole other subject. General rule of thumb – if God is telling you to kill a load of people, that probably makes you a psychopath rather than a zealot. Hope that helps.

But back to topic in hand.  Farage has often tried to distance himself from the more extreme elements of his party – the ones who trivialise rape and blame gay marriage for the floods – but you have to wonder why these extremists are attracted to his party in the first place. Simple – encouraging division empowers the already-prejudiced. Do you have racist, homophobic or bigoted views that you’ve tried to repress throughout these achingly liberal times? Well, UKIP is here to give you license to express them. Giving views like this a platform in the media makes it once again acceptable to have these views. Does that explain why UKIP’s website says “No to Political Correctness – it stifles free speech”? They aren’t interested in free speech. They’re interested in rolling integration and acceptance back half a century.

And that naturally lends itself to the other policies on the website – increased immigration controls, making migrants “ pay into the pot before they take out of it” etc etc etc. It’s policy that’s been disproved time and time again – with stats on how British emigration balances European immigration, reports on how immigrant workers are basically propping up the NHS and good old anecdotal evidence how multiculturalism – especially in London – actually makes life more interesting. I bought some Turkish biscuits just yesterday. But UKIP were handed some gifts last year – the murder of Alice Gross by a Latvian immigrant with a criminal record (allegedly), the flights to Syria taken by radicalised schoolgirls – and all of this has whipped up hysteria that a canny politician can capitalise on.

He’s not proposing to round up all the immigrants and put them in concentration camps, along with the Jews and the Gays and the Communists but this constant repetition of “Them vs Us” is seeping into the public consciousness and that’s terrifying. It appeals to the nice, normal family-orientated people who worry about the state of the country. It appeals to the thugs who are baying for a fight. It appeals to the Jihadists who just need one more push to make them take revenge. Words are powerful. To go back to religion for a minute – what is that built on, if not words? And look at the sway that religion has. Don’t let Farage’s slogans become gospel.

I don’t have a solution to this country’s woes. If I did, I’d go into politics and make millions claiming back duck houses. But I don’t. All I know is that if anyone is offering an easy solution, you shouldn’t trust them. Farage will not fix this country. But he has the power to break it. And that is the danger of UKIP.

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Walthamstow Wanders


December was both a busy and a sickly month and January has not – as yet – been a massive improvement. But in between the stomach bugs and theatre trips we have occasionally managed to do some wandering around Walthamstow, finding new and interesting places to tell you about. I’m not saying they’re all both new and interesting, obviously. That would be an overpromise and a half.

Let’s start with a trip to the new cinema, the Saturday before Christmas. Now, I remember opening a cinema. Twice! I remember the pain and the constant disasters. I especially remembered it when I got into the lift at the Empire – thanks to the power of contextual memory, stepping into the lift at a new build cinema will always fill me with a sense of dread and a literal plummeting feeling. But the lift worked fine!

The concession stand? Now, that was a bit more creaky. We were going to the Saturday morning kids’ show –  an old film (“Arthur Christmas”) at a bargainous £1.75 a pop, including adults. The last time we’d tried to see that film we’d failed dismally, but did meet Rastamouse, in a bizarre twist of events. Now, it was time to stop messing around with chillaxed rodents and actually see it. It seemed to be a popular move – the buggy park was filling up, and the foyer resounded with the joyous noise of childish enthusiasm. So I was a bit surprised that asking for the “family combo” (2xSnack Packs, 2xAdult Drinks, 1xPopcorn=£9.99) almost completely floored the girl serving us. Had no-one else wanted that? We did get it eventually, but everyone seemed terribly unsure about what might or might not be in it, despite the big sign advertising it behind them.

But hey, I remember. I sympathise. I was that confused popcorn seller in 1999. I was (Heaven help me!) trying to manage a team of those confused popcorn sellers in 2002. I do know what’s it’s like. But be aware, Walthamstow Parents. It’s not slick yet.

We were also sitting very close to the screen, a position that many of the aforementioned Walthamstow Parents have also found themselves in. And the screen is pretty much floor to ceiling, so it feels verrrry close, especially when you’re a bit long-sighted. However, the kids seemed fine with it – they do glue themselves to the TV regularly – and the showing went off well, without a technical hitch in sight. No loss of sound, no showing “Saw” trailers before a kids’ film, no lack of subtitles on a hard of hearing screening….I’ve gone back to that Bad Place again, haven’t I? Oh, so many painful Warner Village memories.

Then we went to Nandos. Look how excited Eva was ^^. Again, it was a little bit “newly opened” and the staff weren’t quite confident yet so there were some hiccups. Like bringing us crayons for the kids, but nothing for them to draw on. I had to grab the menu off Eva before she turned it into a Jackson Pollock (and no, not in the Red Dwarf sense. I tell you, we were stomach bug free that day) and give them a stack of napkins to draw on instead. The food also took a little while to come, by Nandos standards..but altogether not a bad experience.

2015-01-07 13.30.02

Onto today then, and a trip to St James’ Park. Some friends of ours have just bought a house nearby, which sounds dead impressive until you realise it’s St James’ Park E17, not that one with the herons. Still, it’s a sizeable park, not far from St James Street station. There’s a big open area, an under 3s climbing frame and swings and an aerial runway, which I don’t yet trust Eva on (I held onto her and whizzed her down a few times but she’s not going solo yet). There’s also a little play tunnel, which was a bit wet today but would be grand in the summer for holding secret meetings in and that kinda thing. There are two bigger playframes as well, one with an assault course leading to a slide…and even a little gazebo thing in the middle. Well worth a visit if you’re perusing the market nearby. On the way, we also spotted a yard full of vintage buses, which turned out to be the Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum. It’s being renovated at the moment, but is due to reopen on 1st March, which is exciting. I shall be reporting back…

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Funz and Gamez – 03/01/15

Image loving filched from sohotheatre.com

Image loving filched from sohotheatre.com

I’ve seen a lot of child friendly theatre recently…In fact it feels like the blog has been nothing but theatre reviews over December…almost as if we’d had a stomach bug between each trip and had spent the intervening days desperately trying to get well again instead of cavorting around London. Well, this particular stomach bug (Roo) cleared up just in time to catch one of the last performances of “Funz and Gamez” at the Soho Theatre. For once I wasn’t going as a reviewer – the tickets were a gift from Roo’s godmother’s brother, obviously – but I’m going to review it anyway. Incidentally, one of the performers was Roo’s godmother’s brother’s friend so we had some prior warning that the show might be a little more anarchic than “Peppa Pig’s Big Splash”. Also incidentally you can buy Roo’s godmother’s brother’s book  here. I know…I’m a giver.

Anyway, the show was a sell out in every way – apparently Phil had a divorce to pay for- and finding seats for the three of us together wasn’t easy. We ended up in the third row, which was lucky although not as close to the end as I would have liked, given Roo’s recently recovered tummy.

(You would not believe what just happened. I’m writing this on the tube home and as I wrote those last four words, Reuben suddenly went pale and whispered “I need the toilet”. I have never moved so fast in my life. FYI the nearest toilet to Seven Sisters station is in Costa on the High Road. We bought a muffin to.justify it)

As I was saying… It was free seating and the front and the ends of rows were particularly popular because they increased your chances of getting chosen for “gamez”. The whole premise was the three performers – Phil, Bonzo the Dog and Jimmy the Elf- staging a surreal game show for kids. A bit like “Shooting Stars” meets “Fun House” on a shoestring budget.

But obviously there was more to it – along the way we had songs, banter and life lessons. It quickly became clear that this was a different kind of child-friendly – the life lessons might take a bit of explaining when you get home (“Don’t ask for a dog when you’re 7…You’ll only lose it during your A Levels”) but it all hinges on the idea that a lot of it will go right over the kids’ heads. And it did.   Roo’s abiding memory is pelting Jimmy the Elf with balls, rather than the sudden passing of creepy Uncle Mick. There were bits where I was in tears laughing but simultaneously shielding my child’s eyes from the utter wrongness onstage. A show that appeals to kids and adults on different levels is hugely difficult to pull off and a gamble that could go horribly wrong. Just like inadvertently causing a small child to go digging around in your jacket pocket.

With that in mind, I’m not sure these guys will ever be allowed to perform a kids’ show ever again…And the run finishes tomorrow so you may have missed your chance. But if they manage to avoid any kind of lawsuit and return to the West End, be sure to check them out. It may be the wrong-est thing ever to bear a 5+ rating but it’s also blooming hilarious. After all, it’s all funz and gamez until someone gets a restraining order…

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CBeebies “Peter Pan” Review



At last! I’ve been sitting on this review since October and I can finally share my thoughts with the world. I’m sure you’ve been desperate to hear them. It’s CBeebies panto time! Woooo!

This year, the story tackled was “Peter Pan”, starring Ben Faulks aka Mr Bloom as the eponymous Peter. He’s a perfect choice – the cheeky, arrogant eternal boychild. And murmurs across Facebook suggest that mothers everywhere are not averse to the sight of him in tights. Katrina Bryan, or “Nina”, is equally well cast as Wendy – she has a mix of girlish excitement and motherly authority that’s just right. Then Reuben informs me that her brothers, Michael and John, are actually Chris and Pui. I don’t know why he thinks I couldn’t work that out. Anyway, they just seem to be having a whale of a time, despite Chris suffering from flu the day of the recording. What a trooper! Then there’s Kat, on sparkling form as Tinkerbell. She probably has the best singing voice out of all the presenters, so it’s nice that she gets her own song – “Fairies Shouldn’t Ever be Sad”.

When it comes to the pirates, CBeebies has a ready made crew in the shape of the “Swashbuckle” cast, headed up  and hammed up by Andy Day as Captain Hook. The swashbucklers are an easy win with the kids and lend themselves well to a plethora of in-jokes. Andy is both sinister and charismatic as Hook and seems to be enjoying himself a lot. Let’s not discuss the inexplicable appearance of that camp robot. The pirates are responsible for two things – the “tick tock” dance, which Reuben is currently doing all over the lounge, and terrifying Eva. She completely refused to watch the pirate bits yesterday, saying “I don’t like pirates” and “pirates are dary”. Today, on second viewing she’s just playing with her Peppa Pig toys and ignoring the whole thing. I don’t think she’s traumatised. Besides, every panto needs a good panto villain. She’s come back for the “Wendy House” song.

There are a couple of reasons why this year’s panto might be the best one yet. Firstly, because we were there. I may be biased. Secondly, because the visual effects are truly stunning – there are aerial acrobatics, and a liberal sprinkling of fairy dust on the video backdrop. Lastly, the music is really lovely this year, as you’d expect from “ZingZillas” maestro and professional “Friends of Danny Wallace” Banks & Wag. I was humming the tunes for days afterwards and still have some of them stuck in my head.

The downsides? Well, the cast gets bigger every year which means that some of our favourite presenters get reduced to extras  - the radiant Rebecca for one. She deserves a bigger part next year. And I guess we’re lucky to see Sid at all, given that he’s left the CBeebies house, but it would have been nice to see more of him. On the upside, Justin is barely in it. Some might not see that as a bonus, but I definitely do.

Overall, though a really nice show and we were so thrilled to meet Cerrie, Dr Ranj, Rebecca and Mr Liker-Biker backstage. I’ve held off on showing you these blurry photos till now for fear of spoilers but here they are:




Such fun!

CBeebies “Peter Pan” is available on iPlayer now!

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London Without a Toddler – Potted Sherlock

CREDIT Geraint Lewis

CREDIT Geraint Lewis

Potted Sherlock…what to say? 60 plots, 80 minutes, 1 giant challenge for the “Potted” boys. If you’ve been to one of their shows before, you’ll know what to expect. If you’re a confused tourist, like the man to my left, or a serious Sherlock scholar eagerly awaiting a new take on the Conan Doyle canon, you might not know what to expect. And be warned, you scholarly types may not be the target audience for this show.

Happily, that’s not us. We love the kind of (apologies for using this word) madcap humour and geeky references that define a “Potted” show. With so much material to cover, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there would be little time for hesitation, deviation or repetition. Turns out there was actually little time for the plots  - the countdown on the side ticked through the 60 stories at a breakneck pace, with spoilers being thrown around in a River Song-baiting manner. That took up about 10 of the 80 minutes and the rest was dedicated to pure raucous fun, referencing everything from the Spice Girls to “The Princess Bride”. Occasionally, there was even a reference to The Cumberbatch,  whose performance pales in comparison to the definitive Sherlocks of Jeff, Dan and Lizzy. Or they would be definitive if they could ever agree on who got to be the detective.

Hold on there – who’s Lizzy? Well, you may well ask. The boys have got their very own Carol Cleveland. I seem to remember there being an actual girl towards the end of “Potted Panto” but I was never 100% convinced it wasn’t just Dan in a dress (he makes a very alluring Irene Adler in this production). Now, Lizzy is a permanent part of the team and with it she brings a jaunty walk, pianist skills and a love of Chris de Burgh. A valuable addition.

I don’t want to give too much away, because I, like the painting, am not a fan of spoilers (luckily I wasn’t planning to read the Sherlock series anytime soon). Actually though, there will be a lot that’s different every night as they riff off each other, turning stage mishaps into improv opportunities. I loved the impromptu “Sound of Music” argument although I have to say that the mountains at the end of the film lead to Germany, not Switzerland. A severe misjudgment by Captain Von Trapp, I’ve always thought…

CREDIT Geraint Lewis

CREDIT Geraint Lewis

That’s what makes this show so joyful – the mix of onstage hysteria, brilliant adlibs and the occasional piece of well-rehearsed snappy dialogue (“My sister, frightened, came to me” “Is she still frightened?” “No, she’s dead” “Well, she was right to be frightened”). As ever, there’s a real affection for the source material, although sometimes you feel that they’re missing Harry Potter. Apparently, Jeff is too old to play a schoolboy now…has he never watched “Glee”? They’re all about 40! Sorry, now it’s me that deviating. It must be catching.

Anyway, the script mixes clever gags with incredibly basic ones, in the fine Christmas panto tradition. Reuben is still giggling about the “oui oui” joke from last year.  I think he would have liked this too, but a lot of it would have gone over his head and he might have been a bit scared by the hellhounds, vampires and poisonous snakes that fill Sherlock mysteries. Even if the hellhound was particularly unscary. So we might have taken him, but quite frankly we fancied a theatre trip without the kids. And this is perfect date material – unchallenging, enjoyable and face-achingly entertaining. Don’t see it if you are expecting suspense – some books get dismissed in a line. Do see it if you want the most frantically funny show in the West End. It was so riotous it could not have been more rioty. Oh hang on, forget I said that last bit. Beware the Reichenbach Falls.

In the pub afterwards, we considered what they could possibly “pot” next. My favourite idea was Bond – I’d love to see them recreate epic car chases on a budget (but the invisible car would be easy enough to do). They also have the perfect Bond girl now – someone who’s sexy, feminine and just a little bit dangerous. He could even re-use the Irene Adler costume…


Disclaimer: I received free press tickets for “Potted Sherlock” in exchange for the review. All opinions remain honest and my own.

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FLASH GIVEAWAY – Winner Announced!!

2014-12-15 12.19.39

Yes, get me…I’m blogging at 8am, mid school-run prep. True only one of us is dressed and one of us is still asleep, but I have a competition winner to announce and that’s more important than having trousers on when I drop Roo off, right?

Without further ado, the winner of the family ticket to “Happily Ever After” is….

Joanne Chu!! Congratulations Joanne, we’ll be e-mailing you shortly with the details. Enjoy the show!

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