London Without a Toddler – Resolution Festival


Forgive me, my smogging is going out of sequence. I haven’t yet told you about Nathan and I having a romantic Valentine’s in a dark Shoreditch alley but I’m going to skip ahead to Wednesday night’s childfree excursion to The Place, a theatre in Euston. It was a contemporary dance triple bill, as part of the Resolution Festival and some friends of mine were involved in the first piece. I’ll be honest about that now, so you know I’m biased from the start. On the flip side though, it’s the first piece of theatre I’ve been to in a long time that I’ve actually paid for, so there’s neutrality right there.

Let’s start with Group 11′s “Searching for the Dead” then , which was choreographed by our friend Temitope Ajose-Cutting and featured another friend, Adam Liston, on music and vocals. I believe he composed the score as well as performing it. So that’s my bias-disclaimers out of the way. On with the show!

The theme of “Searching for the Dead” was that we carry around with us traces of those we have known and lost – not necessarily through death, but also through friendships that have withered. The very truth of that makes for uncomfortable watching, as it makes you think about the people you’ve lost contact with and the reasons why. The performance was a mixture of dance, music, mime and spoken word with each performer contributing some of their personal “junk”. For example, singer Susie Doyle listed the women she no longer sees, with some notes on each (“Laura…I really should apologise to her…”), while the dancers acted out the feelings of loss and rejection that comes with those broken relationships.

At one point, it was curiously similar to the last mime show that I went to (“Kite“) – a dancer pulled out a suitcase and the items in it that reminded her of the past – drawings, a babygro, a scarf and (I think) some perfume. It really evoked the way that certain fabrics and smells can make someone long gone feel alive again. Then the dancers asked audience members for the names of the people they’d lost – I have to admit it was a touch too personal at that bit and Nathan and I got all British and embarrassed. But I was glad to hear Bowie and Rickman both getting a mention.

The piece concluded with a hauntingly beautiful song by Adam and Susie. I don’t know what it was called, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t get another airing very soon. Susie has a fragile kind of voice, which well suited the emotional rawness of the show. Adam’s vocals provided a rich counterpart and the two blended beautifully. It was the only show of the night to feature live music and it gave it a  magical edge. It was probably my favourite but,as I said, I’m biased.

We were out for the night so we were more than happy to get a drink and enjoy the two other pieces. When we came back in from the interval, the dancers of “Far From the Norm” were already in position, backs to the audience, in the semi-dark. This was “Rek”, an exploration of revolution and how people come together to break out of their status quo.  They started on the floor, showing off some very muscular back-movements, and went through a kind of awakening until they were firing on the audience. After the whimsy and delicacy of “Searching for the Dead”, it seemed far more primal and brutal but there was a certain beauty in the sheer physicality of it. I did worry for a girl in a backless top doing some very energetic moves, but it all held together so that was OK.

The third company – Co-Motion Dance – was different again. It was, I suppose, the most conventionally dance-y of the three pieces, with the four girls performing gymnastic leaps and lifts in perfect sync. For some reason, it reminded me of PE lessons at school, where we would try and lift one another up in various showy ways…but trust me, Co-Motion did the moves a lot better than my friend Naomi and I ever did. Their stage costumes of polo necks and jeans also looked like what everyone wore in the mid 90s so it made me feel terribly nostalgic. For those without weird memory associations though, you could just been impressed by the fluid and energetic moves, with the dancers falling off podiums to be caught with split-second timing. Again, there seemed to be a theme of separation and reunion, gaining friends and losing them…but I may be reading too much into that.

So, it was a very enjoyable evening at the theatre. Contemporary dance isn’t necessarily the art form that I would choose straight away but it was all very well done and, obviously, it’s always good to see a friend’s work. Sadly, it was for one night only but there’s more information on the Resolution Festival here.

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Pantry & Co Giveaway – Winner Announced!!


It’s Friday morning, Pantry & Co is open for business and I’m pleased to announce that one lucky reader will be claiming their FREE coffee and pastry this weekend. Yes, we have a winner of our Pantry & Co giveaway and it is…


Congratulations Danielle, you’ll receive your voucher very shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered – why not pop down there anyway for a Friday pick me up?

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Millie May’s – 13/02/16


It has been a busy week. The children are staying at the grandparents’ and Nathan and I have been living it up, childfree style. I’ve got so many things to blog about and they will all be achingly smug. There should be a word for smug blogging – “smogging”? First though, let’s rewind to before we left those kids in a car park in Whitton and a trip out to Toys R Us on Saturday. Yes, we wanted them to remember how lovely Mummy and Daddy were before we threw them out of a moving car on the A316.  Also, Eva had managed 39 marbles’ worth of good behaviour (I think we lost one under the piano) and Roo had a tearily good school report so they deserved a toy or two.


Pity Eva was so overwhelmed by the Princess Tat aisle that she couldn’t even speak, let alone narrow it down to one piece of tat. She got so confused that I got away with spending just £12.99 on this rather overpriced Ariel doll:



Roo scored a Hawkeye costume. I think he won.

“But wait”, I hear you say. “Where is the prettily-clothed table that Ariel is perching on?” Well, ask no more. It’s in the title. It’s Millie May’s Cafe in Chingford. It’s where I’m having my birthday gathering very soon, so I thought I should at least go and see what it’s like. It was mine and Nathan’s treat after braving Toys R Us and trust me, we needed it.


It’s a nice space, is Mille May’s. There’s a little play area at the back and a garden that I assume would be open in nicer weather than the sleety-rain of Saturday. The kids ate pombears and played with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while I nursed a cup of Red Berry tea. I was full of cold, ysee. Any spare sympathy  you have is very welcome.

I also had some rather lovely Red Velvet cake. It’s always good when your cake and your tea match:


Sadly, nice as it was to have a sit down, I really wasn’t feeling amazing and Nathan and I had a full week of rock n roll ahead of us. So, it was a short stay and I went home to have a nap. But we will be back very soon and then maybe I can relax and enjoy a bit more.


One thing to note is that Millie May’s doesn’t take card, so make sure to bring cash with you. As ever, I’m a big supporter of local, toddler-friendly cafes and I’d encourage you to go and check it out if you’re in the area. And, on that note don’t forget to enter our Pantry & Co giveaway. It ends tomorrow!


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London Without a Toddler – Ashes to Ashes


A Wednesday night out on the town? How very daring, hey? But don’t be too impressed with me – I bailed out at an un rock n roll 10:30 in order to get home and relieve the babysitter. So this is a pretty uncomprehensive review of the Double R Club’s “Ashes to Ashes” Bowie tribute but it was impressive that we got there at all…so bear with me.

I may have mentioned before how Nathan and I were quite into glamrock as teenagers.  And he can still fit into his shiny purple coat and Goblin King-esque shirt but me…I still own that sequin miniskirt from 1999 but I’ve had two kids and aged a fair bit since I last wore it. So, DIY tribute t-shirt it was:


It lost a fair bit of glitter shortly after I made it, when Reuben put his fingers in it to see if it was dry yet. It wasn’t. By the time we left the house, it had lost yet more glitter. Running for the train in an un-Bowie-like way didn’t help. But damn it, we were out of the house and we didn’t even have any kids with us.


We got to the Bethnal Green Working Man’s Club just in time for the show to start. It was packed with beautiful people and Bowies of all eras. I began to feel a little underdressed but it was so dark no-one would be able to see anyway.

The spoken word of “Future Legend”  echoed around the room and our host Benjamin Louche stepped out, resplendent in red suit, lightning flash and feather earring. He opened the show by singing ”Diamond Dogs” and already we were grinning. Ever since Bowie died, this has been what we needed – to gather with the other freaks and ageing glamrockers and just enjoy the music of the Man Who Fell to Earth.

There was to be a series of scenes from Bowie’s career, in no particular order, but the first was Tricity Vogue’s recreation of Bowie’s very first gig, around a campfire as a scout. Apparently he didn’t really sing “Oh You Pretty Things” as he played the ukulele, but it was ever so cute and Nathan and I have been humming it ever since.

(Incidentally, if anyone has any photos they’d be OK with me using, please get in touch at Among other fails, I failed to take more than one photo of what was really quite a visual night. Look here’s one more for luck…)


I might have the order wrong here but I *think* the next act was Josephine Shaker’s amazing tap dance to “Hello Spaceboy”. Tap is an underused art form nowadays but this girl was easily as good as Vera Ellen in “White Christmas” and that’s saying something.  I’m going to give up on trying to remember the order now, but let’s pick out some highlights, like Champagne Charlie getting us all to wave our mobile phone lights as he sang “Time” and then a cheery singalong to “Changes”. And the surreal coat-dance of Rhyannon Styles to “Rock n Roll Suicide”. We’d been primed to expect some flesh on show – it was the “All-Nude Cabaret” that gave it away – and the first bit of nudity came with Lydia Darling’s reinterpretation of the 1996 “Outside” album. I’ll be honest  - it was a little disturbing. Not the boobs, but the self-mutilation-as-art. Call me a square, but live bleeding has never been quite my thing. To be fair to her though, self-harming was a pretty 1990s thing to do so she really captured the moment. And it took a while for the menfolk to notice the sharp things sticking out of her arms – apparently boobs are quite distracting.

There was a bit more burlesque before the interval – Bettsie Bon Bon’s cheery take on “Rebel Rebel” and a Goblin King who turned out to be not quite as “blessed” as the movie version. But never let it be said that these performers let their natural disadvantages get in the way of donning skin-tight leggings… On that subject, Abnormalik’s mime routine didn’t quite hit the skin-tightness of the Bowie original but in every other way was a faithful tribute to “The Mask”.

During the interval, I happily stumbled upon an old friend in the basement, which was lovely. But time was ticking on and once interval and raffle were done we didn’t get to see much of the second half unfortunately. We saw another Benjamin Louche number, the short film of “Rock N Roll Suicide”, directed by Nathan Evans and left just as Laurence Owen was on. The babysitter had to up for school in the morning, ysee. I’ve heard that Clifford Slapper was brilliant and I’ve seen a video of the raucous “Starman” encore that looked entertaining but damn  it, I’m just not rock n roll anymore.

Luckily for us those, Bowie was…right until the end. And this motley crew of Bowie-lovers really summed up his life’s work with passion, humour and some beautiful music. Thank you Double R Club for making this happen and for raising so much money for Cancer Research. It was a great tribute to a great man. I only hope Major Tom could hear it…


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Pantry & Co Giveaway!!


Now, those of you who don’t live in Highams Park may not have heard this particular piece of news, but for you local types there’s no excuse….unless you’ve been living under a rock. So, for the sole benefit of those people who live under a rock in Highams Park. here’s the E411…there is a new deli and cafe open on Winchester Road, just a hop and a skip away from the station. It’s called Pantry & Co and it’s run by local mother and excellent baker Pei-Chin Lee. You may not know her by name, but you may have well sampled the delicious breads and pastries she’s made for Indulge Cafe these last few months.  Now she has her own shop which at the moment is only open Fri- Sun but that’s a lot more pastry-eating time that we had before. And look how yummy those pastries are:


I can’t quite get the scale here but some of those croissants are the size of a child’s head. And I know, because I tested out the deli with not one but many children last Friday morning. Look at these stock-image-perfect mothers, drinking coffee and networking busily:


And the amazing thing is that you could be one of these mothers – or fathers if you’re so inclined. Or, quite frankly, just anyone who likes coffee. Because LWAT is offering one lucky reader a FREE coffee and pastry at Pantry & Co. All you have to do it share this post on Facebook or Twitter and then comment below to say you’ve done it….and you’ll be entered into the draw. It will be open from now until this time next week, so get sharing and commenting for your chance to win! The winner will be announced first thing on Friday 19th February.


Trust me, it’s good coffee. They even do soya milk. And they also stock cheeses, cured meats, preserves and juices…and I’ve heard even locally produced ciders. But don’t just take my word for it, pop down tomorrow or over the weekend from 8AM. It’s 7 Winchester Rd and there’s more info on their Facebook page here. Leave them a review if you’re feeling lovely, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post in the traditional sense. It is a commercial partnership but I am hosting the promotion out of the love for local business and pain au chocolat. I am not receiving any remuneration for hosting the promotion. Except a warm fuzzy feeling. All opinions most definitely remain honest and my own.


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Big Fish Little Fish at the Mini Vault Festival


I hate to miss a party but we very nearly missed this one. It was just one of those days. Fretful children and parents nearly scuppered the whole party plan, which would have been a shame seeing as Eva had such a great outfit to fit with the “Out of this World” theme:


I was aiming for Bjork but landed somewhere near Twist  from “Spaced”. It’s all good. Her new flashing bunny trainers completed the 90s look and also made her easy to follow around the vaults where BFLF were setting up camp for the day. But how to find the vaults? Tricky. I knew they were under Waterloo station somewhere and I had a brief mental muddle between Lower Marsh and Lower Ground. Lower Marsh was the badger we eventually went with, and took Leake Street off to the right to find this entrance:



This leads you through the graffiti tunnels to the Waterloo Vaults. On the way, we saw this eye-opening piece of Marvel artwork:


I saw eye-opening because moments before that Reuben had been walking along with his eyes closed. Just like Eva a few minutes before that. See what I mean about it being one of those days?

But we got there. Late and frazzled but there. We set off to explore and there were many, many rooms to explore. It was like the biggest BFLF ever…and I’m so glad we made it. First stop was The Cavern:


In this room, there was a play area and activities run by the Museum of London (Make Your Own Mythical Beast). Eva and I ducked in and out quite quickly, but Roo and Nathan stayed for ages, drawing pictures and playing on the Korg synthesizers. Meanwhile, we went exploring.

The first room we went into was quite dark and had a huge drawing floor, with kids happily graffiting on it. Something in there freaked Eva out though, and she ran screaming out. I didn’t work out exactly what spooked her but she muttered something about “I didn’t know it was a person!”

So we tried another room. This one was more to her liking. A camera and projector meant you could dance in front of it and every move of your arm filled the screen with rainbows. Oh yes, egotistical girl liked this one a lot:




Next, I wanted to find the main room and have a bit of a rave – after all, if we didn’t come to party then why did we come here?

Well, Eva came to craft:


She made a glittery rocket and a headband with straw attached. Nathan and Roo caught up with us and Nathan went to the bar. Presenting, a Dad’s view of BFLF:


Eva and I did manage a bit of a dance when the bubble machines were on – we had a jump around to “Jump Around” – but mainly she and Reuben both wanted to draw at the table. And so did Nathan:


We were running out of time and still so much to explore! We stopped at the playdough table briefly before Eva found yet another play area. This one had swings in it!


And a ball pool! And tunnels! So much to do! Including a dress up box where we could get a free and rather beautiful photo printed of Eva in a Venetian mask. Here’s the photoshoot:


And here’s the finished product (well, a fuzzy photo-of-a-photo):



The party was coming to a close and I wished I was on the dancefloor as they played “Starman”. But Eva was busy on the swing, so I just sang along to myself, waving an imaginary candle in the air. It was time to go, just as Nathan and Roo discovered the swing room. So, dragging the boy away from the swings, we went out into the tunnels and emerged by County Hall, quite surprised that it was daylight. For future reference, this is probably an easier way to get to the vaults:


As it was still early on, we had a wander along the South Bank and Roo excitedly pointed out the London Eye. We pointed out, once again, that he was born just next to the London Eye and he didn’t believe us. Gosh darn, these kids are getting suburbanized.


Nathan fancied a burrito, so we ignored Roo’s requests for McDonalds and went for lunch at Giraffe instead. Where the usual swift and friendly service did indeed bring Nathan a burrito:


And I thought it was a lovely touch to have blankets on the seats in the outdoor seating area:


Reuben still wanted a Happy Meal. Can’t win em all…

Just one last treat for the day and that was the trip back towards Liverpool Street and the land of Nearly Essex via the shortest line on the tube network. Believe it or not, we had never been from Waterloo to City this way before and it was dead exciting for all of us:


So ended another fun trip to BFLF. As ever, I wish I’d had more time to explore all the different rooms – there was so much we didn’t even find, including theatre and a dance workshop, but that was out own fault for being so late. It was a great party, in a very atmospheric and unusual venue and not lacking in all the usual BFLF touches – glitter cannons, parachute dances, giant balloons, inflatable aliens, bubbles. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next – 3rd birthday must be coming up in July, no? See you then!


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Rave-A Roo Giveaway – Winner Announced!


Hooray, it’s Friday and hooray I’ve just had a lovely coffee at a brand new deli. But more on that another time. First off, though, we have news about a different Friday. Friday 19th Feb in fact, when the kids and I will be partying hard at Rave-A-Roo at the Ministry of Sound. But who else will be there, with their collective hands in the air? It’s time to announce our competition winner….it’s….


Sarah Price!!

Big congrats Sarah, you have won a family ticket to Rave-A-Roo! I’ll be in touch shortly with details. And maybe see you on the dancefloor :)

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Kite Review – 30/01/16


I must admit I had my reservations about taking Reuben to see “Kite”. At 6 and a half, he’s a bit young for the recommended age group and the mime aspect was slightly worrying – he prefers his shows noisy. So this would be a first venture into the world of more mature theatre and I was feeling cautious.

Still, any excuse for a mother-son bonding day, especially when it involves leaving Nathan to deal with an over hyped Eva that’s just been to a princess party. So it was with a pretty light heart that we skipped through Soho and played our usual game of “finding interesting things to see”. Here’s today’s – a new neon sign:


and a video installation of a woman power walking:


Always something new, Soho. Thanks.

So, onto “Kite”. You’ll be pleased to know that both of us enjoyed it but I did find it emotionally challenging. The first ten minutes or so are very melancholy with a girl and her grandmother both dealing with their mutual grief but separately, unable to connect. It’s a very real portrayal of loss, with some stunning central performances from Charlotte Croft and Liz Crowther. I was particularly impressed with how Charlotte managed to look constantly on the brink of tears. Did she have an onion in that rucksack? Throughout the first part, I kept hugging Roo and looking at him to see how he was coping but he was fine. Just as well I didn’t take EmpathyOverloadEva as she would have been ruined – she cries at the end of “Bear Hunt” because the bear feels sad. She’d have found the real emotion of “Kite” a bit overwhelming, I think. There was a guy with a 3-year-old there and he said she enjoyed it but it definitely was too mature for my little drama queen.

It took a while for the first laugh – when the girl defies her grandmother’s attempts to feed her by putting her stool on the table – but once that happened, the tension broke slightly. From then on, I felt like I could just relax and enjoy  - in fact, I was amazed by how engaged Reuben was with the whole thing. He laughed heartily as the girl got tangled up in her cloud duvet (nice thematic touch) and he really enjoyed the puppets as the girl took off with the kite and soared over London. He’s still a bit obsessed with London Landmarks, so it was nice to see St Paul’s Cathedral playing a central role in the story.

Everything was very cleverly done – sets shifted from wall to train to wall to rooftop and back again. A fridge became a tube carriage and a clock later morphed into Big Ben. The action shifted between the actors and the puppets of both girl and grandmother. Mime enthusiasts would obviously be disappointed if the classic “walking against the wind” sequence was omitted, but the blustery nature of the show provided plenty of opportunity to showcase that. Obviously the performances were very physical and I was impressed by Liz especially as she showed the kind of  physical flexibility that not all grandmothers have (along with the emotional flexibility, of course). The two characters were ably supported by Nicola Blackwell and Linden Walcott-Burton filling the roles of both intangible force and stage manager at the same time. They were the breeze that blew a scarf, the presence that stood by the girl and felt her pain, but also the practical people who moved all those complex sets about.

The resolution of the play was the only one it could be – the two characters reuniting not only physically but emotionally. The end, as they stood together to breathe in the fresh air outside, felt full of hope and optimism. The mother’s picture restored on the fridge was a symbol of grief remembered but no longer oppressive. I shed a tear. Of course I did, I’m an easy crier.

At the end there was a chance to meet the actors and puppets, which Roo jumped at. He tried out a bird with Liz, the grandmother, and took a good look at the puppets. Here’s puppet-Liz:


And the real version, showing Roo how to use her light-up umbrella:


It was a lovely way to end the play, and I imagine that if kids had been traumatized by the emotion of it all, going to meet the actors and realising that they can both speak and smile would be really helpful. And they were all super lovely – we chatted to Linden for a bit as well as Liz. I’m not sure if every show has the same bit at the end,  but if they do it’s definitely worth staying.

After that, Roo and I headed down towards Piccadilly Circus so that we could pop into Gosh! on the way. I didn’t buy anything because Nathan has Certain Rules about buying Roo comics and continuity and all that crap and also because Nathan would kill me if he realised I’d gone to a comic shop with Roo without him. Luckily I won’t see him for a few hours now so I reckon I can get away with confessing it here.

Then we walked past the most amazing-looking cake shop, on the corner of Green’s Court and Brewer St. I think it used to be a shoe shop that sold DMs but now it’s Cutter and Squidge, which tempted me in with this beauty:


I bought a slice of Eton Mess Dreamcake, which was indeed dreamy. Reuben said he didn’t want any because “he’d had enough sugar for today”. Thanks school. So we went on the hunt for a shop that sold fruit in Piccadilly Circus and failed to find one, despite Roo’s helpful suggestion of “maybe a grocer, like the one in Mr Mean”. The Co-op is Berwick Street has been temporarily closed (let’s not discuss why) and even the market had packed up. So, let’s end on a positive – here’s a great business opportunity for a budding entrepeneur. Open a fruit shop in Soho! Sky-high rents, perishable stock with low margins, a floating trade…what could go wrong?

More information on Kite here.

Disclaimer: I received free tickets in exchange for a review. All opinions remain honest and my own.

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Rave-a-Roo Giveaway!


If you have a memory that’s slightly longer than Eva’s (no really, 10 minutes ago you swore you’d eat your dinner even if you had a lollipop first) then you might remember a post I wrote yesterday which mentioned a funtastic family event for half term -Rave-A-Roo at the Ministry of Sound. And today, we are GIVING AWAY a family ticket to the event on 19th Feb (1PM-3PM session). Just fill in the form below and I’ll be announcing the winner on 5th Feb. Entries close at midnight on 4th Feb and the winner will be chosen by

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Fun Things to do in Feb


I told Roo the other day that it had only been a month since Christmas Day. He found it very hard to believe and, quite frankly, so did I. It’s been a long, dark January and I can’t wait for it to be over. February brings my birthday, Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day and that’s three chocolate-filled reasons to be cheerful.

But in case you need more, I’m here to give them to you. First up is a giant party at the Ministry of Sound on 19th Feb. And before you start muttering about babysitters, let me assure you that toddlers and kids are most welcome. It’s called Rave-a-Roo and it features a slot by our good friends Big Fish Little Fish. There are two sessions – 1-3PM and 4-6PM and there are DJ sets, live sets and lots more. In their own words: “PlayGlow toys, confetti mayhem, neon craft, Glow Chill Room, and a UV tattoo station”.

I have no idea what half of that means, but there’s glowing mayhem afoot. More details here.

Entertainment of a more gentle sort is occuring at the Soho Theatre, in the form of mime show “Kite“. It’s for kids aged 7+ so not one for the toddlers but it’s a bittersweet tale of wordless adventure that older kids will enjoy. I’m taking Roo so I will report back. The Soho Theatre is also one of many venues taking part in the London Children’s Book Swap on Feb 13th. It’s organised by the Discover Centre and the premise is simple – come along to one of the venues with your old books and swap them for something new! The Discover Centre also has its Michael Rosen exhibition on still which I realllly need to get to because their Oliver Jeffers one was ace. If, like me, you’re keeping an eye on the time it’s on till 10th April.

Of course, February wouldn’t be February without the awesome Imagine Festival at the Southbank Centre. This year it’s Roald Dahl themed but they have a tasty line up of guest speakers, including Judith Kerr of “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” fame. There’s also jazz, gongs, mess-around parties, dragons…everything you could ask for. It never disappoints, except that year when we broke Roo’s scooter on the way home and then Eva got chicken pox. But that’s hardly Imagine’s fault.

If you’re of a West-Londony persuasion, then the Storystock festival at the Bush Theatre in Shepherd’s Bush. The Tiger of Judith Kerr turns up there too (he’s a busy tiger), along with the Gruffalo and some other children’s favourites. It’s on from 17th-19th Feb.

In case this isn’t enough fun for you all, there’s more coming up in the Spring. Peppa Pig returns to London in April, with her “Surprise” show (more info on tour dates here) and there will be the annual return of In the Night Garden Live at the following venues:

Blackheath, London

Thursday 26 May – Saturday 11 June

Performances at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm

No performances on Tues 31 May & Tues 7 June


Richmond Old Deer Park, London

Saturday 18 June – Saturday 2 July

Performances at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm

No performances on Tues 21 & Tues 28 June


Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham

Saturday 9 – Saturday 23 July

Performances at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm

No performances on Tues 12 & Tues 19 July


intu Trafford Centre, Manchester

Saturday 30 July – Sunday 21 August

Performances at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm

No performances on Tues 2, Tues 9 & Tues 16 August

Booking starts tomorrow, so keep your eye out for an exclusive LWAT discount code!

If you hear of anything else fun to do over February, let me know and I’ll add it to the list. Have a lovely month.

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