Half-Term Competition Time! Win Tree Fu Tom Goodies!



It’s time for some Big World Magic. I may have mentioned before that Tree Fu Tom Live is coming to Westfields London and Stratford over half term (London on 20th Feb, Stratford 21st Feb) and we have VIP passes to the show to GIVE AWAY! There’s one for each Westfield, so that means TWO lucky winners. Each winner will also receive a Tree Fu Tom DVD boxset (pictured above) with mini Tom figurine (as eaten by Eva).  Just enter your details below, and we’ll draw a winner using random.org on Monday 17th February. So, that means that entries close at midnight on Sunday 16th February. Good luck!


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“Tube” at the Imagine Festival

2014-02-12 13.48.04

Today, Eva and I went to see a piece of experimental toddler theatre. But more on that later – let’s start with the Imagine Festival. This year, there seems to be more to do than ever and we could have easily spent an afternoon just wandering about looking at things. Firstly, there’s a time machine:


It’s magic. You stand in front of it and then it magically rewinds time to show you what happened a few seconds before. Eva loved it, mainly because she could see herself in it. For her it was less of a time machine and more of a looking-at-Eva machine (doesn’t everyone need one of those?!). It also had a sound side, where you could plug and unplug jack plugs to make different noises and a series of buttons that created light patterns. Oh, and some balloons in front of fans. Lots of interaction potential.


For the more lo-fi taste though, why not just draw on the walls:



2014-02-12 11.47.41

On the other side, next to the singing lift, there was a giant bed which will be used for telling stories. Which led to the best overheard quote of the day – a 9-year-old (or thereabouts) saying “I didn’t even know they made beds that big”. A heads up for you kid…they don’t. Sorry.

2014-02-12 11.56.58

There was a Storytelling Jam in the Clore Ballroom, which we heard the end of (it seemed to involve ninjas and T-Rexes  so Nathan would like it) but that was later. As we got there, it was eerily peaceful…as quiet as a place filled with toddlers and school groups can be. I suspect it’ll be far less quiet next week, when all the schoolkids break free from their schools for a week. But for now, there were plenty of free tables for me and Eva to sit and eat lunch at. By which, I mean she ate my lunch:

2014-02-12 11.57.06

At that point, we received word that Baby Joshua and X were in the building, so we went all the way up to Level 4 to find them, passing one of the lesser-spotted festival features on the way:


There wasn’t much time to linger because our toddler theatre experience was about to start. It was called “Tube”, by the Oily Cart theatre company and promised to be an interactive, multi-sensory experience. We got to the end of the Spirit Level (the one under the ballroom) and found a gaggle of toddlers sitting in a fairly plain room, playing with bits of tubing while some people in spotty and stripy outfits cooed “tube” at them. Surreal would be an understatement. I was wondering if that was all that was happening, but then we were called through into the Blue Room where a cosy tent-like area was set up with soft seats, and tubes woven around the canvas, along with “peepo” holes.


What happened next was 45 minutes of funny, tactile, weird performance art. Eva looked a little terrified at first but she soon warmed up to the performers, who all had tube-shaped hats and red or monochrome outfits. They tickled her with feather dusters (that came in a big tube), blew on her hand with straws (little tubes) and gave her spotty shakers and peepo-toys (all tubes, naturally).


There were songs about bouncing and tickling, they were percussion instruments made out of tubes and a kind of wind instrument too. Tubes were used in every way you could imagine and some you couldn’t. I’ll admit that I didn’t quite know what to make of some of it – it was a bit experimental. But the babies and toddlers all enjoyed it and giggled as the surprises kept coming – a peekaboo toy here, a whistling balloon there. There was always something going on for them to look at, touch or listen to. It was perfectly aimed at their age group, and amazingly none of them had a tantrum until right at the end. I was impressed by the way the performers stage-managed as they went along as well – it wasn’t easy making sure every baby had a toy and that they gave them all back as well. But they somehow did it without tears.

The best bot was when the lights dimmed, and a colour-changing ball appeared in the clear tube around the wall. It was simple enough, but so effective, spreading toddler-awe and magic through the tent. Then the balls flew out, and filled the dark space with glowing orbs. It was pretty cool. And Eva thought so too, gathering three of them up for herself and trampling any babies that might have tried to get them. And then came the balloons:

imag5Lots of balloons:


Which of course delighted my girl, especially as she got to take one home with her (Reuben later used it as a limbo bar). It was a bizarre 45 minutes but it was fun. Tube-y, tactile, melodic fun. Perfect for 6-month-olds to 2-year-olds.


After that, there was just time to grab a butterfly biscuit and slice of red velvet cake from the pop-up kids’ cafe next to the ballroom and hear the end of that ninja dinosaur story before hanging out with X, Baby Joshua and Babybaby Caleb a bit more, this time on Level 6. Who knew there were so many levels?

It was tipping it down outside, so we were most reluctant to leave and go to pick Reuben up. It had to be done though, and at least Eva had a balloon to keep her happy…!

More details here (official site)

Disclaimer: I was given free tickets to “Tube” for review purposes. All opinions remain honest and my own.




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February Half Term Preview


OK,  it’s not even February yet, but I think most of us can’t wait to see the end of January. So, with that in mind let’s have a wee look at what’s going on over half term for toddlers, schoolkids and beyond.

The biggest event in the children’s calendar for February is the Southbank Centre’s Imagine Festival. There are loads of events going on, although some are sold out already. I like the look of the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”-inspired “Grandpa Joe’s Giant Storytelling Bed”  but there are things going on constantly, with drama, music and craft. On Sunday 19th February there’s a concert for 2-5-year-olds by the  Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. Of course, you can just go down and hang out like we did last year. There’s always a buzzy atmosphere during Imagine and kids everywhere, so a good place for rowdy toddlers to find other rowdy toddlers.

Tate Britain are also running one of their “Big and Small” family days on Friday 21st February. I’ve never actually made it to one, but they sound like fun, with family crafts in the arty atmosphere of the Tate. No booking required.

The Horniman are also running family events over half term, with an “Extremely Adventurous” tea party in the pavilion on Monday 17th February. More details are coming soon but it’s best to book in advance, as Horniman events sell out very quickly.

Oh, and Nimble Arts are running a half-term workshop too, for 5-11 year-olds.  There’s everything from Magical Monday to Folky Friday – book one day or all five at info@nimblearts.co.uk. The Dish and the Spoon are running half term cookery workshops too, in association with Crafty Cooks South London. The sessions are at 9:30 and 11 on Thursday 20th February.


Then there’s some more Big Fish Little Fish events –  there’s a party at the Effra Social in Brixton on 15th February, with Mark Force and Joe Muggs and Earl Haig Hall. Then a week later there’s another party in Crouch End  with Jonny Trunk and Miss JT  (22nd February).Click here to buy tickets!

As if that’s not enough, there’s a chance to see Captain Barnacles and Kwazii of the Octonauts at Brent Cross on 22nd February. And for more Beebies-related goodness, there are special Tree Fu Tom live events at Westfields Stratford and White City. There will be activities, a Tree Fu adventure and free goodies. The events are on at the following times: Westfield London: Thursday 20th February – 10am, 11am, 12pm, 2pm and 3p. Westfield Stratford City: Friday 21st February – 11am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm

I’ll be updating this post with more events as I hear of them, so if I’ve missed anything give me a shout!

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Kids’ Adventure Zone


2014-01-29 10.44.56

It was a rainy day in Wood Green and Eva and I were off to meet T’sMum and T. In fact, this is the third time we’ve been to Wood Green to meet T’sMum and every time it’s been raining.  I’m beginning to think there is no other kind of weather in Wood Green. But it was OK because we had a wet-weather kind of destination – Kids’ Adventure Zone. It’s only a few soggy minutes’ walk from the station but it’d be easy to miss,  with a small sign leading you through a car park into a typically soft – playish  industrial estate. You can get soft plays that sit in pretty looking buildings, but they tend to be the smaller ones.  If you want space,  you need a huge unit that could double as some kind of meat refrigerator.  And this was pretty big.

2014-01-29 10.15.52
I’d got pretty wet on the way.  My boots were wet,  my scarf was wet and even my phone was a little wet, which you can tell from the “soft-focus” look of the photo above. I was keen to get in and get dry, but there was a hitch. The entry fee was £4.00 for under 4s but the minimum card payment was £5.00. I had exactly £3.30 in change in my purse and scrabbled around to find Reuben’s pocket money some money that legitimately belonged to me, but the lady took pity on me and let me just pay £5.00 and get a free Ribena at the cafe for Eva. The entry fee also included a free cup of tea, but the urn wasn’t ready yet, so I sat and thought about tea while Eva scampered around the under 4s’ area and slid down the little slide. But before long she was wanting to tackle the big frame, which she is clearly too small for:


kaz big

But when has a thing like that ever stopped a child of mine? She shimmied up the first bit and then paused, waiting for me to come and lift her onto the step that was around her shoulder height. I refused. She climbed back down. I thought about tea and how wet my socks were. But then she was up again:

kaz up

Sooner or later I would have to follow her, but for now I had other things on my mind. A recent Facebook discussion  on the joy and improbability of enjoying a hot cup of tea when your kids are around and right then – in a slightly chilly soft play with wet socks – I really wanted to do the impossible and drink my free tea. But no sooner had I got it, then she was off again and this time she insisted I follow. So here’s my tea:

kaz tea


…cooling down rapidly, as I chased Eva around several metres in the air. But she loved it – once she’d got over the first big step, she could do most of it herself, often disappearing too quickly for me to take a photo of her:
kaz frame

She even got herself down some drops that were around the same size as her. I swigged some tea when we got to the bottom, and then we were off again. Which was handy, as I could pick up all the stuff I’d dropped out of my handbag on the first circuit.

kaz climb

By now, T and his Mum had arrived and joined us in the scramble around the frame, including a trip down the big slide. And trust me, it was pretty big:

2014-01-29 12.12.36

I was going to take Eva down with me, but once again fearless girl went off without me and slid off all on her tiny ownsome. They grow up so fast. You can just see her in the picture below, as a tiny dot on the bottom of the slide.

The upshot of all this charging around was that I wasn’t so cold any more and even my feet were beginning to dry out. the downside was that to get to the top level, I had to get through some seriously tight spaces, one of which was the size of my handbag. I had visions of myself appearing in “Closer” magazine with the headline “Stuck at Soft Play: What Motivated Me to Finally Lose That Baby Weight”. Luckily, I didn’t get stuck, which is good because it was time for lunch.

The menu wasn’t exactly extensive, with half of it masking taped out, and I still only had £3.30 to spend. We considered going to a nice-looking cafe called “Caramel” next door, but a teethy T had taken a while to warm up so it seemed silly to move him just so we could eat. In the end, I chose sausage and chips for myself, at £2.95. They didn’t have the big sausages, so they asked if mini sausages were OK instead. Sure, I said, thinking only of how hungry I was after all that chasing about and how I would agree to anything to get some food. 20 minutes later, my order was called over the PA (possibly unnecessary as there were only four families there). I went to get my sausage and chips and it turned out I should have read the menu better:


No chips. Just sauasges. Ah well, it only cost me £2.50 so what would you expect for that? Eva helped me eat the sausages and then threw a tantrum because I wouldn’t let her eat neat ketchup. It was almost time to go. It had been a full-on 2.5 hours and she and T both needed to sleep. So, what did I think of Kids’ Adventure Zone? OK, as soft plays go. Could be warmer. Could have more exciting food. But it kept the toddlers happy and it had a magic ball-hovering thing that makes you feel like a magician:

2014-01-29 10.37.58

As well as a big cafe area, a mini football pitch and some birthday rooms. I think they do after school clubs there as well.

2014-01-29 10.40.59

So, we walked back to Wood Green, said goodbye to the Ts and Eva was asleep before we got onto the tube. So she missed the excitement of the new Piccadilly Line poster. I get nerdishly excited about “Piccadilly:Above Ground“, so imagine how thrilled I was to see a new version – fantasy  ”Piccadilly:Above Ground”! We were only on for a few stops and the train was quite jolty – as trains tend to be- so I didn’t get the best shot. But these will give you an idea:

kaz picc2014-01-29 14.13.56


I must admit I don’t really see the “Chelsea Algae Ponds” catching on, and there might be some protests if they covered the Royal Parks entirely in adventure playground equipment (even I might think that was more slides than anyone needs. And we need a lot of slides). But I liked the idea. And the Palace of Fun sounds fun.

Emerging at Vauxhall, I was still thinking about food. It’s hard when you expect chips but only get sausages – this has happened before. I mulled over the options for supplementing lunch and fuelling me for the long trudge to school pick-up with now very saturated boots. I could got to Little Waitrose and spend £2 on an essentials sandwich. Or Sainsburys. Or £4 for a Pret Hot Wrap. Or….or….!

I had an inspiration! A eureka moment! Remember what we now have in Vauxhall? For the price of a  sandwich, I could get peri-peri chips! It was an amazing idea. I stood and waited for my chips, inhaling that warm peri-peri scent and went back out in the rain, chips perched in the lunchbag on the bag of the buggy, peri-mayo balanced on top. I still had wet feet but I had that salsa music in my soul and I felt like I was in some kind of Nandos advert, fighting off the persistent rain with a bag of chips and some spices. It brought joy to my heart, and made me feel warm inside, even with my very cold outside. Just as well I hadn’t got stuck at soft play. Salad in the rain never brought joy to anyone’s heart, did it…?

More details here (official site)


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In the Night Garden Live Dates Announced!


I want you to do a test. Take a toddler. As  I’m writing this, it’s 10PM and awake toddlers are in short supply, but you can have mine if you’re struggling to find one. Once you have your toddler, show them this photo:

In the Night Garden


Feel their pulse quicken? Observe their eyes getting wider? Well, try suggesting that these friendly characters might be waving to them personally. They’ll go nuts. Like Eva after she’s had a sneaky sip of my caramel macchiato. But how to realise this dream and get them to a place where Upsy Daisy really does wave to them? You need “In the Night Garden Live“. I might have mentioned it before, but now we have dates. Drum roll please….

29 May – 14 June: Live Quarter at The O2, London
21 June – 5 July: Old Deer Park, Richmond, almost London
12 – 26 July: Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, not London
2 – 23 August: The Trafford Centre, Manchester, the North
30 August – 13 September: Queen’s Park Recreation Ground, Glasgow, the Really North
Tickets go on sale from 31 January at 9 am and they are likely to sell out quickly, so get on it! They’ve added Scottish dates due to popular demand (see “the Really North”). Remember, if you want a close-up, technicolour view of this:

You need to book tickets soon. For those that miss out, there will be competitions to win tickets…maybe even one on here. Watch out!


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Friends of London With a Toddler

mmi2        buy stuff         buy stuff

 Introducing our  Friends of London With a Toddler -parent-led businesses that are run by particularly nice people.

LWAT is ecstatic to be working with such lovely companies and heartily endorse all of them.

* Friends of LWAT are paid ads from businesses LWAT has a personal relationship with. Friends of LWAT ad space is not available to advertisers that we do not know.


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TV Doctors Undermine Breastfeeding for Publicity – FACT!

Photo credit: leah_bella on Twitter

Photo credit: leah_bella on Instagram

The strangest thing happened on November 3rd 2012. I was breastfeeding my daughter when suddenly something changed. It was as if the milk realised that she was six months old and, like Lily Potter’s enchantment when Harry turned 17, it could no longer protect her. That blue glow she used to carry around with her disappeared. Her little baby immune system was vulnerable to any virus or bacterium going, and as I looked out of the window I could see them all trying to get in and infect her with their virusey fingers. E-coli! MRSA!  The common cold! They all wanted a piece of my little girl and, thanks to breast milk suddenly losing its magical powers after six months, she got them all. Oh the mess! Why did no-one tell me that this would happen? Why did no-one say, like TV’s Dr Christian did in “Closer” magazine, that “Breast milk boosts a baby’s immune system, but only for the first six months. After that it has no effect.”?

Why did no-one say that? Maybe because it’s not right. Maybe because even “Closer” has been forced to clarify their position, posting a longer statement that this was part of. That’s why no-one told me. And that’s why Eva didn’t really lose all her immunity on the stroke of 26 weeks – it’s just not true.Not even the bit with the MRSA.

It’s not the  first time that Dr Christian has caused upset among breastfeeding mothers. After all, it was his column that in 2010 proudly proclaimed “Breastfeeding can make your boobs sag – FACT!”, which the Press Commission defended, saying that the word “can” made it conjecture rather than fact, despite the word “fact” being in capital letters with an exclamation mark at the end. Well, that works in all sorts of ways – reading books can kill you (just ask my great-grandfather), drinking can cause trips to Southend (just ask Nathan) and having friends can cause you to become tied naked to a rugby post (just ask my brother). It doesn’t mean that one thing necessarily will lead to another, it’s just that it has happened somewhere in the world at some point. FACT!

He calls himself a breastfeeding advocate, and says that this response was taken out of context but they are his words and they are wrong. If he doesn’t want “Closer” to publish misleading lines like “After that it has no effect”, then he should take it up with the magazine. And as for the condescending next line about “as long as the child is having a healthy diet, there’s no harm in breastfeeding” – well, thanks. I feel validated now, even though you’re making it clear that breastfeeding has no value after a child starts on solids and we just do it more out of habit than anything else. He doesn’t mention the nutritional aspect of breastfeeding, but why should he? That wouldn’t be controversial at all. And controversy, as we know, sells.

So, is there any value in breastfeeding past six months? After all, doesn’t it just turn into water? Well, supporting that point of view, in the Gwean Corner we have Dr Chris, if I may call him that, a confused person on Yahoo! Answers and some random OB. In the Bloob Corner, we have the WHO, the NCT, the AAP and the NHS who all talk about time periods like “into the second year”, “two years and beyond” and “as long as you wish”. Which side would you pick in a fight? In the grand scheme of things, six months is still very young and they need the nutrients from milk that they don’t get from any kind of solids (no, not even purees…they’re mostly water).

What I’m conflicted about is who to be mad at here. After all, the magazine backed down and retracted its advice so they’re clearly sorry. But it’s not good enough, is it? Fact is, they printed it, Dr Christian put his face to it and someone sitting in a baby clinic with a 6-month-old will have read it and be scared into weaning so that they don’t get a “psychologically dependent” child with “behavioural problems”. There is nothing wrong with stopping breastfeeding at six months, six weeks, a year or any time as long as that’s the right decision for the mother and child. What is wrong is the media quoting an “expert” with the headline, again in capitals “AFTER SIX MONTHS THERE’S NO NEED”. I’ve ranted a lot about misinformation before, and it’s a sad old world we live in when magazines publish advice they know to be misleading for the sake of a headline. And yes, they knew it was – how else would they have been so ready with an apology? It’s all in the name of generating publicity for the magazine, which once again they’ve done but how many breastfeeding relationships have been truncated because of the good doctor’s advice? Now excuse me while I go and fight off the latest bunch of viruses who have turned up at the door looking for Eva….

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What We’ve Been Up To Lately

2014-01-17 12.04.37It’s been a while since our last LWAT adventure – a wet and work-busy January hasn’t been the ideal time for doing exciting things, but with an end in sight to the virtual pile of work, it was time to get out and see what there was to see.

Which started yesterday at the Horniman Museum with Maria and the family. It was busy, with a storytelling session in the pavilion but we weren’t going to that, so we managed to stay ahead of the crowds. It did involve eating lunch at 11:15, but I saw the look of the cafe at 12:30 and it wasn’t pretty. Even less pretty was the state of Eva after she had sat in a pile of mud near the outdoor instruments. Then she jumped in a muddy puddle, soaking her little pink shoes and tights. I blame Peppa Pig, but it’s my fault too. As Mummy Pig says, you must always wear your boots when you jump in puddles and Eva’s boots were at home. I guess I’d dressed her for indoors but there’s a lot of outdoor space at the Horniman. Lesson learned. On the upside, she made friends with some taxidermed owls (above).


Today, it was time to catch up with C’sMum, C and R at the Royal Festival Hall. Again, it was damp out. And eerily quiet inside. We were there at 10, and were practically the only people there, so free to roam around the primary-coloured chairs and jump on the big green cushion. And I really mean “we” – I joined Reuben on the floor and it was pretty comfy.


Then Eva decided to pounce on us too, and turned Roo into a tiger20140118_103532But the favourite toy of all the children were some little plastic stool things that they pushed around and called “rhino horns”.  I don’t know what they were actually for, but sometimes they were for sitting on:
20140118_114000And sometimes for sitting in:


But mainly for pushing around, in an overexcited way and shouting “charge!” There may have been one person there who was trying to do some work. but he knew the risks when he sat next to the brightly coloured chairs and tables. It’s not like there are no other bits of the Royal Festival Hall to work in. By this time, the ballroom was filling up with other small children of all sizes, and things were getting a bit overwhelming for R and Eva, who needed a nap. So, we went outside to play in the Earth house that’s left over from the Festival of the World but is now inexplicably pink:

20140118_123855All the other bits are now pink as well, and the little caves and giant snake provided a good few minutes’ entertainment for the 4-year-olds, even if the  climbing fun meant that the toddlers were clambouring to get out of their buggies and join in, instead of sleeping. Further walking was required.


20140118_124535Down on the South Bank itself, we saw another distraction that amused the older ones and kept the toddlers awake. I’m not normally interested in the street art along there – it’s all a bit touristy really – but this man had a power that no-one could resist. The power to blow enormous bubbles!

20140118_125609Some of them were so huge that you felt like you were in a shower if one popped above your head (ask Eva just how that feels). I thought Reuben was going to dive into the river in pursuit of one but luckily we kept hold of all the children we’d come with. It was a pretty impressive show though.

20140118_125451With the toddlers still stubbornly refusing to nap, we gave in and took them to the playground which still only has two swings, but now has some new bouncy-chicken things which are perfect toddler size. For the big boys though, it’s all about the assault course:

20140118_130755And then Reuben ran out of the park after a pigeon and didn’t quite see why this was a Bad Idea. It was time for the change of shift. Daddies, tag in…!


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Walter Under the Bridge – Book Review

Walter Under the Bridge kindlefrontcover2

There’s a troll under every bridge, apparently. The bridges near us tend to be of the Thames-spanning variety so could comfortably house an entire family of trolls, but checking underneath them would require a boat or a bungee cord. But this is the basis of “Walter Under the Bridge”, a new children’s book written by Dion  Child and published by Maggie Taylor and Grahame Penny, who own a working toll bridge in Herefordshire. With a friendly troll called Walter living under it.

Reuben was very excited to have a new book to read when he got home from school. He’s a big fan of the “Billy Goats Gruff”, so is very au fait with the bridge/troll mythology. The basic plot is that Walter, the friendly troll, is bullied out of his home by some meaner trolls and has to find a new home under a new bridge. Roo enjoyed it, his favourite bits being when the swan swooped down and rescued Walter out of the sky and the appearance of a bouncy dog towards the end. I’m a bit of a sucker for a bouncy dog too, especially one with a protruding tongue, and the one in the story is based on a real-life rescue dog called Chester. 50p from every book sold goes to Dogs Trust, who rescued Chester from unspeakable doggy-hell and I think Nathan would agree that I’m a complete pushover when it comes to badly treated puppies. I have to be physically restrained whenever the Dogs Trust ad comes on TV otherwise I’d be donating the monthly food budget to buy blankets and chewy toys for tired terriers.

So, what did I think of the book? Well, it was a little long – it took me around 20 minutes to read to Roo. But he concentrated well through it, so I think the target audience of 4-9-year-olds would appreciate it. I can’t imagine Eva sitting still that long. It was a nicely constructed story, with just enough peril, but I was a bit disappointed that the baddies never got their comeuppance. Still, it had a happy ending with a bouncy dog so that was all OK. It’s a debut work from the author and it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s accompanied by some promotional activity at the bridge itself – you can go along an meet Walter, and get a sticker to say you have – e-mail walter@whitneybridge.co.uk to arrange it. the book also comes with bonus features (or “DVD extras” as Nathan calls them) – a make-your-own flip-flap, a colouring page and some pictures of the bridge (and the real Chester). It’s on Amazon now and available on Kindle download I believe.

We enjoyed it – hope you will too. Remember that some of the money goes to the doggies. I love the doggies….

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of “Walter Under the Bridge” to review by Whitney Bridge Publishers. All views expressed remain honest and factual.

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In the Night Garden Live! Coming Soon


Reuben’s in bed, Eva’s still lively and Nathan’s just switched Pink Floyd off for being too psychedelic…this can only mean one thing. Time to watch “In the Night Garden”. Eva’s an addict, and if your toddler also likes to stand inches from the TV, swaying in time to the music, then you have a treat in store because “In the Night Garden Live!” is coming soon. Dates will be announced on Monday 27th January, but before they are, there is a special competition to win tickets.

Here’s how it works. You need to do two things – visit the official website to sign up for the competition, and like the Facebook page. This puts you into the pre-sale competition, where £2240 worth of ITNG tickets are being given away between 14th and 27th January. That’s one premium family ticket (worth £160) being given away every day. It’s definitely worth entering.

If you don’t win, being a Facebook fan of the page has other advantages  - it gets you  the chance to order tickets two days before they go on general sale (Facebook users can buy from 29th January, general public can buy from 31st January). There will be games to play and posts to share which will also help you skip ahead in the pre-sale queue. So if you want to see Makka Pakka, Upsy Daisy and those big balloon things, make sure you like the Facebook page before the presale competition ends.  There may also be a giveaway on here, but more on that later. There may also be some details to clarify on the presale, but leave a comment if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer…!

And..don’t tell Eva we’re going. It might excite her so much that she never sleeps again…!


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