Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We celebrated not only the Resurrection yesterday but also the easing of the Covid restrictions and some sunshine. Triple whammy! What it meant in practice was wandering around Islington after church a few hours and then wandering around Islington in a slightly more structured way for another hour or so, to complete the Easter Trail.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had one of those wandering-around kinda days so I thought I’d share a few pictures with you. Last time I mentioned Astey’s Row playground, it was under renovation and had some multi-coloured boulders whose purpose was very much tbd. Now, two years on, we’ve finally revisited and I can confirm that it’s some complicated climbing thing:

As you can see from the photos, it was quite gloriously sunny for April so we had the first family ice creams of the year from a tiny shop called Romulus Wines Merchant.

We also walked along large stretches of the New River, which was as stagnant as ever, but the pathway is quite pretty and there were loads of Good Dogs to say hello to:

And we hung out for a long time in Nightingale Park, eating our sandwiches on the concrete sun loungers and enjoying the sun:

Lastly, Eva spotted a series of trees on Arran Walk that she said looked like all four seasons in a row. She has a poetic turn of phrase but I can see her logic. Here’s summer:

Winter and Spring:

And Spring and Autumn:

(Not to be confused with Eva’s dogs of the same names)

By our usual standards, it wouldn’t have been much to blog about. But after a long winter of not really leaving Highams Park, it was so exciting to be somewhere else and on a sunshiney day as well! Bring on many more of these….!

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