Happy New Year LWATers!


Which is my way of saying I don’t have much to report but wanted to wish you all a very happy 2019. The reason I don’t have much to report is that since my last post I’ve either been at work or tramping round cold and muddy fields in Hampshire. This field in Alresford did have a steam train at the bottom of it though, which was quite entertaining. As entertaining as Boxing Day Alresford really gets.

And today I did go to the Science Museum with the kids. But not really. I went to work, Nathan took to the kids to the Natural History Museum to meet their Australian cousins and by the time I’d finished work they’d moved on to the Science Museum and so I went to meet them there. But they were in Wonderlab and I was too tight to pay to go in and join them/couldn’t be bothered to queue so I wandered round by myself for an hour before helping to wrangle them home. A few things of interest though that I found out on my wanders:

1. The giant text-wheel thing in the Science Museum foyer has gone! Replaced by these pretty stringy things which I guess are sunbeams to tie in with the Sun exhibition on the first floor? It’s a paid-for one so I didn’t go in but made a mental note to check it out.

2. There is a temporary exhibition on the second floor, all about the Romanovs and their struggle to conceal Alexei’s haemophilia. It’s fascinating if you like history and/or medical history. Roo wouldn’t have liked it cause he doesn’t like blood but on my own it was a great to spend half an hour. It’s ticketed but free.

3. There are secret toilets just by the exit of the Romanov exhibition! Sadly cordoned off today but just next to this wall…

4. There are 121 steps up those front stairs to Wonderlab. If you’re hauling kids up there you may want to walk through to the main lifts.

5. My Gloucester Road-hack works! We took the kid for tea at Burger King (there’s an Honest Burger and a Pizza Express there too, if you have Standards) and then bundled them straight into the tube, neatly avoiding the crush at South Ken. And not really that much further to walk.

And one last, non-Science Museum related fact:

6. There seems to be a new entrance to Bank station. I was walking to Cannon Street and almost went into Bank by mistake because this one was so close to it (opposite Waitrose). No idea *which* part Bank station it gets you too but hey, life is for adventuring isn’t it??

Happy January Everybody!

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